Gold Standard 100% Whey

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Servings :26-30 depending on flavor

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Gold Standard 100% Whey

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Optimum Campus Athlete's Stack

Our Low Flat Rate Shipping Charges, Low Prices, Same Day Shipping, and Outstanding Customer Service have made us America's Supplement Source for over 10 years.

Millions and Millions of Satisfied Customers Can’t Be Wrong!

  • 10 Consecutive Years of Award Winning Quailty
  • World’s Most Trusted Sports Nutrition Brand
  • 24 Grams of Protein with Whey Protein Isolates as the Primary Source
  • 5.5 Grams of Naturally Occurring BCAAs
  • 4 Grams of Naturally Occurring Glutamine and Glutamic Acid
  • Instantized to Mix Easily Using Just a Glass & Spoon

True Strength is a journey. It never rests, it never quits. It's about overcoming obstacles, accomplishing goals, and recognizing achievements. And then it resets to achieve again. As your trusted sports nutrition partner in goal achievement, ON demonstrates that same passion while crafting our products. From the raw materials we source to our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, no compromises are made. You set the bar higher after every workout, we set the bar higher to redefine the industry standards and ensure you realize optimum results.

Whey protein isolates are the purest form of whey and the main ingredient in Gold Standard 100% Whey™. Each serving provides 24 grams of rapidly digesting whey protein with low levels of fat, cholesterol, lactose and other stuff you can do without making Gold Standard 100% Whey™ the standard all other proteins are measured against.

Optimum Nutrition has been spotting the efforts of goal driven individuals since 1986. As one of the few companies to own and operate state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that are GMP compliant and NSF Certified for Sport, ON assures that every shake will mix up effortlessly because of its first-to-market instantization process. You also expect each shake to taste the same as the last and your next. That's the kind of consistency ON delivers.

Optimum Nutrition is legendary for both quality and innovation. In addition to producing the world's best-selling whey protein, ON's Gold Standard 100% Casein™ introduced slow-digesting nighttime protein to the weight training world and Amino Energy created the anytime energy category in sports nutrition. When technology makes advancements possible, ON will be the company bringing it first to your shaker cup.

To encourage a positive nitrogen balance, consume approximately 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day from a combination of high protein foods and supplements. For even better results, consume your daily protein allotment over 4-6 small meals spread evenly throughout the day.

For Example:
180 lb x 1g protein/lb body weight = 180g daily
180g divided by 6 small meals = 30g of protein per meal

SPOON STIRRED: Gold Standard 100% Whey™ is INSTANTIZED. That means if you forgot your shaker cup or don’t have time to get out the blender, you can just add one rounded scoop of Gold Standard 100% Whey™ to a glass filled with 6-8 oz of water or your favorite beverage. Then mix it up with a spoon. Stir for about 20 seconds or until powder is completely dissolved. 

TIP: Adjust the intensity of your Gold Standard 100% Whey™ by varying the amount of liquid that you use to prepare it. For a bolder flavor with slightly more body and sweetness, mix each scoop with 4-6 oz of water, milk, or your favorite beverage. For a milder tasting, less sweet shake, use 8-10 oz of liquid per scoop.

SHAKER: Bringing a shaker cup with you to the gym is the best way to get a powerful dose of protein immediately after your workout. Just pour in 6-8 oz of your preferred beverage and then add one rounded scoop of Gold Standard 100% Whey™ to your shaker cup. Cover and shake for 25-30 seconds.

BLENDER: Add one rounded scoop of Gold Standard 100% Whey™ to a blender filled with 6-8 oz of water, nonfat milk, or your favorite beverage. Blend for 20-30 seconds. Then add 1 or 2 ice cubes and blend for an additional 30 seconds.

SHAKE UP YOUR SHAKE: By adding fresh or frozen fruits, peanut butter, flaxseed oil, coconut and other high-energy ingredients, you can transform your shake into a delicious high-protein meal.

STACK YOUR SHAKE: You can make Gold Standard 100% Whey™ an even more powerful recovery product by adding supplements like creatine, glutamine, BCAA, and concentrated carbohydrate powders.

THINK OUTSIDE THE GLASS: Gold Standard 100% Whey™ can be used for more than just protein shakes. Try mixing a scoop into oatmeal, yogurt, or the milk that you pour over your morning breakfast cereal. Better yet, boost the protein content of muffins, cookies, brownies, etc. by adding a scoop or two to your baked goods recipes.

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Gold Standard 100% Whey Reviews

Pretty good Review by Haylee
I thought I picked a flavor for this product but I'm not sure after tasting it. It's...alright. But takes some getting used to. I found its pretty good in some vanilla pancakes for breakfast! (Posted on 1/16/16)
Best bang for your buck Review by Juanito
You can't beat this protein... Mixes well, tastes good. I've tried the Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, and Donut Cake. All are awesome. (Posted on 9/30/15)
A- Review by Gregory
Good product as expected from ON. It tastes a little odd when mixed with water but it's really good with milk, if you're into that kinda thing. (Posted on 1/6/15)
Love this stuff Review by Kelsey
I love the vanilla flavor Gold standard offers, mixes up well in a glass of almond milk or in a green smoothie! (Posted on 4/2/14)
whey gold standard Review by Jackie
The Delicious Strawberry is the only whey that I get. It taste good and is not all chalky like some others, and for the price it's worth it. Fitness First has the cheapest one around so I wouldn't buy it any where else. (Posted on 3/27/14)
it is the best protein. Review by carlos
this whey protein, in my opinion is the best of the ones, it taste good, and it give you energy and recovery when you take it after of you routine in the gym, not secondary effects. (Posted on 3/13/14)
Excellent Protein Supplement Review by Steve
The flavor of this can't be beat and the way it easily mixes with water in any shaker cup or even in a regular cup or with a breakfast shake of your choice makes it a smooth protein supplement to drink. (Posted on 2/24/14)

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