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To ensure the MuscleTech® line is powered by continuous new innovations that help athletes at all levels reach their fullest potential, we’ve entered a long-term, multi-million dollar partnership with a leading university to create the all-new MuscleTech® Metabolism & Sport Science Lab. Since MuscleTech® is so passionate about scientific research and the types of breakthroughs it results in, we wanted to commit long-term, not just a one-two year agreement. As part of the $58 million state-of-the-art Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport at University of Toronto, the new lab reaffirms our devotion to developing ingredients with extreme efficacy validated by unbiased scientific research. The prestigious University of Toronto was recently ranked in the Top 20 for overall performance as stated in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2013—2014 report. The MuscleTech® Metabolism & Sport Science Lab features novel technologies and equipment to carry out gold-standard research on new emerging ingredients. This partnership will be sure to cultivate an environment in which new innovative products from MuscleTech® will be developed. The facility opens later in the fall. Stay tuned for the breakthrough research to come out of this leading research lab.

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  • *Muscletech Trilogy Stack

    *Muscletech Trilogy Stack

    Size : 3pc Stack

    1/168ct Clear Muscle, 1/140ct Phospha Muscle, 1/84ct Plasma Muscle...



  • On Sale

    *Total Workout Stack

    *Total Workout Stack

    Size : 4pc Stack

    1/80 serving CREACORE, 1/40 serving naNO Vapor Performance Series, 1/40 ser...



    Out of stock

  • CELL Tech Performance Series

    CELL Tech Performance Series

    Size : 6lb

    Servings :55

    Build Size & Strength & Improve Between Set Recovery...



  • Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

    Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

    Size : 100 rapid-release thermo caps

    Servings :50

    4-in-1 Super Thermogenic for Powerful Weight Loss!...



  • Special Deal

    Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

    Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

    Size : 100 caps

    Servings :50

    $37.50/ea When You Buy 2 or More! Extreme Energy and Mental Focus with Scutellar...



  • Mass Tech Performance Series

    Mass Tech Performance Series

    Size : 7lb (65 scoops)

    Servings :13 - 255g servings

    BIG made EASY. 1000 calories, 63g protein, 10g creatine, 5g omegas + MORE!...



  • naNOX9 Next Gen

    naNOX9 Next Gen

    Size : 120 rapid caps

    Servings :30




  • NITRO Tech Performance Series

    NITRO Tech Performance Series

    Size : 4lb

    Servings :41

    Ultra Pure Whey Isolate Lean Musclebuilder with Creatine & Aminos...



  • Phase8


    Size : 4.6lb

    Servings :50

    Sustained Release Protein with Amino Acids for Longer Muscle Building Benefits...



  • Phospha Muscle

    Phospha Muscle

    Size : 140 softgels

    Servings :28

    Phosphatidic Acid for a Shockingly Powerful Muscle Builder Naturally Increases P...



  • Plasma Muscle

    Plasma Muscle

    Size : 84 caps

    Servings :28

    Lean Muscle Builder Enhances Muscle Endurance, Reps, Pumps & Fatigue Resistance...



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