Gainer Formulas

Gainer Formulas

Want to gain some MASS? These should help out even the hardest of hardgainers. When you want Quality calories, complete with good sources of carbohydrates, proteins and fats then a Gainer Powder is what you need. It can be hard to get in the calories needed for growth through food alone because to get quality calories you will be eating all day and will spend a fortune. Gainers dont replace food - they are a supplement to it. If you are just starting to take a Gainer Powder forget the serving size listed on the label. Start by using enough powder to take in an extra 500 calories per day divided into two shakes. Do this for the first week to allow your body to get used to the rise in calories. You can move up from there according to your needs. Some gainers contain creatine and some do not. Keep that in mind of you are planning to add creatine to your shake.

Take a look at our Stacks for Mass Gains to see recommended product stacks to help you reach your goals

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  • 15% Off

    King Mass XL

    King Mass XL

    Size : 15lb (108 scoops)

    Servings :54 - 125g servings

    ADDITIONAL 15% OFF at Check Out! 108 loaded scoops! GAIN KING SIZE MASS * Milksh...



  • Animal Mass

    Animal Mass

    Size : 5lb (42 scoops)

    Servings :14 - 165g servings

    High Quality, Creatine-Free Anabolic Gainer * Superior Protein-Complex Carbs & Q...



  • 15% Off

    Real Mass Advanced

    Real Mass Advanced

    Size : 12lb (88 scoops)

    Servings :22 - 250g servings

    ADDITIONAL 15% Off at Check Out! 1,000 CALORIES with 47G PROTEIN, CREATINE, BCAA...



  • 10% Off



    Size : 2.5lb

    Servings :25 - 45g servings

    XTRA 10% Off at Check Out! Lean Muscle Weight Gainer * Physician Formulated ...



  • Serious Mass

    Serious Mass

    Size : 12lb (32 scoops)

    Servings :16

    Loaded with 1,250 Calories, 250g of Carbs, & 25 Vitamins and Minerals to Pack on...



  • Radical Mass

    Radical Mass

    Size : 10lb (54 scoops)

    Servings :18 - 250g servings

    960 Muscle-Building Calories with 50G Protein Per Serving...



  • Up Your Mass

    Up Your Mass

    Size : 5lb (48 scoops)

    Servings :12-176g servings

    Build Muscle, Not Fat * Perfectly Balanced 2:1 carb to protein ratio & less than...



  • Super Mass Gainer

    Super Mass Gainer

    Size : 12lb (40 scoops)

    Servings :16 - 337g servings

    83g Protein, 17g of BCAAs, & 7.7g L-Leucine + Creatine...



  • Mass Tech Performance Series

    Mass Tech Performance Series

    Size : 7lb (65 scoops)

    Servings :13 - 255g servings

    BIG made EASY. 1000 calories, 63g protein, 10g creatine, 5g omegas + MORE!...



  • Carnivor Mass

    Carnivor Mass

    Size : 5.6lb (56 scoops)

    Servings :14 - 191.6g servings

    50g beef protein isolate + 125g High Impact Reactive Carbs * Sugar & Lactose Fre...



  • True Mass

    True Mass

    Size : 5.75lb (54 scoops)

    Servings :16 - 165g servings

    Crazy delicious lean mass gainer * 700 calories, 46-50g protein, 6g fiber...



  • Isopure Mass

    Isopure Mass

    Size : 7lb (120 scoops)

    Servings :~20 - 158g servings

    53g whey isolate, 86g carbs, lactose & gluten free. But most importantly, it's e...



  • Pro Complex Gainer

    Pro Complex Gainer

    Size : 5.08lb (14 scoops)

    Servings :14 - 159g servings

    Ultimate Lean Gainer with 7 Proteins including Whey, Casein & Egg!...



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