*Ultimate Mass Stack

Size :5pc stack

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1 x Somal-1
1 x Somal-4
1 x Shield
1 x Aftermath
1 x Halo

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*Ultimate Mass Stack

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Stack Includes:
1/60 tab SOMAL-1 
1/60 tab SOMAL-4
1/60 cap Shield
1/60 cap Aftermath
1/60 cap Halo

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Stack Includes:

SOMAL-1: Advanced 1-DHEA Prohormone for Lean, Dry Gains
SOMAL-4: Promotes Rapid Wet Gains, Increased Intensity In The Gym & Release of IGF1 and Natural HGH! Add New Muscle Tissue Fast and Improved Sexual Drive!
SHIELD: Helps control unwanted bloat and estrogenic side-effects while on and off cycle.
AFTERMATH:  All-encompassing post-cycle therapy formula that will recharge your system
HALO:  With Halo, your rate of recovery will be on overdrive. You'll be able to train more frequently, for longer duration, translating to faster & better results.


WEEKS 1-4:
SOMAL 1 -2/Day
SOMAL 4 -2/Day
SHIELD - 2/Day
HALO - 2/Day

WEEKS 5-8:

somal-1 ingredients

somal-4 ingredients

shield ingredients

aftermath ingredients



*Ultimate Mass Stack Reviews

So far so good! Review by Tim
I purchased this product about 3 weeks ago and I was very impressed with the speed of the free shipping. I've been on it for about 2 weeks now and my strength is way up from when I first started. My body is definitely becoming more vascular and not bloated looking at all from water retention. I did up the recommended dose of Shield from 2 to 3 pills a day because I have a history with gyno and I don't want it getting worse. I haven't gained much weight yet but my physic is definitely transforming from when I first started. I plan on running this cycle for at least 8 weeks but so far I am very impressed with it and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for great gains. (Posted on 9/24/17)

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