*Modern Strength Stack

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1 x Modern Creatine (unflavored)

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*Modern Strength Stack

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Stack Includes:
1/54 serving Modern Protein
1/30 serving Modern BCAA Plus
1/186g Modern Creatine


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Modern Strength

Modern Protein (54 servings)  
Modern Protein by USPLabs contains three isolate proteins plus WPC80 and micellar casein for the ultimate protein shake. Modern Protein is the replacment for the wildly popular OxyElite Protein and has the same high quality ingredients plus that amazing taste. Modern protein is the ideal "anytime" protein to help build lean muscle and aid in fat loss.

Most protein powders on the market are outdated and behind the times. USPLabs combined all of the most recent and advanced scientific research in the world of athletic fitness and developed ModernPROTEIN. ModernPROTEIN contains a blend of three leading protein isolates – milk, whey, and hydrolyzed whey. This incredible blend of powerful protein isolates delivers unbeatable support for hard-working muscles.

Modern BCAA Plus (30 servings)  

  • 30 Workouts
  • 15 Grams/50% More Amino Acids Per Serving
  • 8:1:1 BCAA with Critical Exercise Amino Acids
  • The Better BCAA - Patented L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine with Electrolytes

Results & Value!

Many people are doubling, tripling, even quadrupling their dosage of BCAAs with a 2:1:1 & 4:1:1 bias in order to achieve better results…

Given the fact that leucine is most likely the amino acid responsible for this effect, particularly in skeletal muscle, having a formula with an 8:1:1 ratio eliminates the need for such increased dosing.

Effectively creating an enormous value in addition to the other benefits!

MODERN CREATINE (186 grams)   

  • The New Era of Creatine
  • Powered by BioCRE - Instantized Creatine Anhydrous
  • PLUS 2.5 Grams of Betaine per Serving
  • Mixes Great with Pre-Workouts, Intra-Workouts or Protein Shakes
  • Highly Concentrated Ultra Instantized Creatine
  • Perfect for Males and Females Alike
  • Full 30 Day Supply

Modern Protein:  Take 1 scoop (equaling approximately 23 grams of protein) with 8-10 oz. of cold water or any beverage of your choice. Use approximately 8-10 oz of liquid per scoop of powder. You may vary theamount of liquid to achieve your desired flavor and consistency. Drink 1 serving daily, or as needed to satisfy your protein requirements. To increase your protein intake per serving and to achieve an amazing milk shake taste, use non-fat or low fat milk.

Modern BCAA Plus:  As a dietary supplement, mix 1 serving (2 level scoops) in 20 ounces of water and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Sip throughout workout or athletic event. An additional serving may be taken immediately after training or any time additional aminos are needed. Using less than 10 ounces of water per scoop and/or very cold water can hinder solubility and cause foaming. Due to high amino acid content some initial foaming may occur, which should subside over a few minutes time with light shaking. Shake container before each use to disperse ingredients that may have settled.

Modern Creatine:  Mix 1 scoop (6.2g) with your pre-workout, protein, post workout drink, water, or favorite beverage once daily. Contents may settle after shipping. Shake container prior to use.

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*Modern Strength Stack Reviews

Good value. Review by Michael
Shirt fits and hangs great. Strength stack contains 3 legit products. (Posted on 2/12/16)

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