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How does it work?


Equibolin® is the last precursor to the prized anabolic “Boldenone” and uses a unique pathway to convert in the body. This naturally occurring compound is a direct precursor to Boldenone. Equibolin® is based upon the novel compound 3β-Hydroxy-1,4-androstadien-17-one undecanoate (1,4 ANDRO), which is an extremely effective aid for increasing receptor activation and initiating the muscle tissue rebuilding process that yields solid gains in lean muscle mass. The 1,4 ANDRO found in Equibolin® has a very high level of bioavailability with a majority of the chemical passing through the liver without being deactivated by 17-ketosteroid. The potential conversion rate to estrogen is favorable for increasing tissue growth and repair, but minimal enough that very little noted side effects occur such as increased body fat, gynecomastia, or water retention. 

Equibolin® 1,4 ANDRO characteristics: 

  • Direct precursor to Boldenone 1,4-androstadiene-3-one,17b-ol
  • 1,4 ANDRO is the Diene form of Boldenone.
  • Activated in the body by the widely distributed 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme.
  • 1,4 ANDRO displays a high level of oral bioavailability.
  • 1,4 ANDRO has a high anabolic effect without negative androgenic effects.
  • 1,4 ANDRO is very low in estrogen aromatization.
  • 1,4 ANDRO promotes very stable lean muscle gains

Hi-Tech's "Bold" Equibolin® prohormone containing 3β-Hydroxy-1,4-androstadien-17-one undecanoate which is a good precursor to boldione / boldenone. However, Hi-Tech's Equibolin® is known to be a very expensive prohormone because you need to run it very high to get the best gains out of it. Equibolin® is a non methylated prohormone dedicated to bulking cycles. Used in standalone or a prohormone stack, Equibolin® will increase greatly your appetite, strength, energy and muscle mass. The boldenone prohormone produce about no side effects so it’s really a good choice for athletes. One advantage of Equibolin® is the a Cycle of Boldenone prohormone can be really long since it’s non methylated and gains start to appear after 3 or 4 weeks of supplementation. Since Equibolin® is non methylated, it’s not necessary to take a liver or full support supplement for a cycle of Equibolin®.

EQUIBOLAN® is a direct precursor to Boldenone (AKA Equipoise), and converts to this steroid at an extreme high rate. Boldenone is one of the most coveted steroids in the bodybuilding world for the following benefits:

  • 100% as Anabolic yet only 50% as Androgenic as Testosterone – This means LEAN and dense gains with minimal side effects
  •  Is the best compound for extended cycle lengths – Slow & steady wins the muscle building race!
  •  Increase hunger – One of the hardest parts about gaining LBM is the calories needed…this makes it a breeze
  •  Increase vascularity – Capable of directly increasing Red Blood Cells (RBC), Boldenone provides users with HUGE veins/vascularity as well as  enhanced nutrient and oxygen delivery to growing muscles.

    • Intense Muscle Gains
    • Powerful Strength Gains
    • Converts to Boldenone (Equipoise)
    • DSHEA Compliant

Take 2 tablets spread out during the day. Do not exceed 4 tablets daily.

WARNING: Like any prohormone, Hi-Tech suggests that you be over 21 and, of course, have a good diet and exercise program and be in good general health as checked by a doctor.<p>

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*Equibolin Reviews

Excellent Product Review by Don
This was an excellent product. I got great pumps, good strength gains and improved vascularity while using this. It also improved my appetite. It wasn't a huge mass gainer but it was fairly good. I gained about 4 or 5 lbs while on it. I took about 3 servings a day to get these results. Product did everything it claimed to do. Would definitely purchase again. (Posted on 12/22/16)
B*ld is Back! Review by rangerike
**PRELIMINARY REVIEW** I was really surprised to see this product hit the market--I thought that LG's pBold was the only legal product for this family. But it looked promising on paper, so I decided to run a trial 4-wk lean (not bulking or cutting) cycle. BOOM!--at a midrange dose, it brings on the lean bulk with major vascularity and decent strength gains, and only minor fat gains towards the end. Overall, it's like 1-DHEA, but much more so. This works far better than pBold, and without the cortisol-like effects it can produce at high doses
Since its effect is like 1-DHEA (no surprise, that's the primary metabolite), it's a good idea to watch your lipids while running this. If you have problems with 1-DHEA and lethargy, I'd consider stacking with 4-DHEA and/or DHEA or Andro to fight that.
Highly recommended, especially if you're looking for something new in a PH. In the meantime,I'm looking forward to doing a full cycle, to see what this stuff can really do!

(Posted on 4/13/16)

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