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Increase Intensity In The Gym, See Rapid Gains, And Release IGF1 And Natural HGH! Increase Intensity In The Gym, Add New Muscle Tissue Fast, Improved Sexual Drive!

SOMAL-4 is exactly what you need if you’ve been stuck in a plateau or just have a hard time gaining mass. This DHEA derivative is extremely powerful and will produce rapid gains in size and strength within just a few weeks of using. SOMAL-4 is also aided by the incredible Liposomal delivery technology which makes it nearly 100% absorbable by the body.

  • Increase Intensity in the gym
  • Add new muscle tissue FAST
  • Safe for the liver
  • Fast strength gains
  • Improved Sexual Drive
  • Helps to release IGF1 and Natural HGH

1. Is SOMAL-4 a steroid?
SOMAL-4 is not a steroid, it is a derivative of DHEA.

2. Do I need to take a PCT with SOMAL-4?
A PCT is not needed with SOMAL-4, but highly suggested.

3. I’m under 18, can I take SOMAL-4?
We do not advise anyone under the age of 18 to use this product.

4. Can I stack SOMAL-4 with SOMAL-1 or SOMAL-NOR?
Yes, all 3 stack very well together.

5. As a female, can I take SOMAL-4?
We do not suggest females using SOMAL-4 since it converts to a DHT derivative in the body.

6. How long should I take SOMAL-4 before I go off?
What is the maximum cycle length? With the SOMAL products, since they pass through the liver, we suggest cycle times of 4 weeks, but you can use for up to 8 weeks before cycling off.

7. Can I take more than 2 tablets a day?
We do not recommend using more than 2 tablets per day.

8. With a product like SOMAL-4, do I need to concern myself with gynocemastia?
Yes, we strongly recommend using SHIELD to combat this problem.

9. Can I chew the tablets for SOMAL-4?
No, the outer coating of SOMAL-4 is fortified with Liposomal technology. Crushing it would destroy the ability to pass through the liver intact.

10. Is water retention a concern with SOMAL-4?|
Yes, this is considered a “wet” compound

11. What compound does SOMAL-4 convert to?
SOMAL-4 is a 2-step precursor, first converting to androstenediol, then to androstenedione, and then to testosterone.

12. Will I test positive in a drug test for my sport?
There is a potential for a positive test. You are increasing testosterone levels ultimately which may throw off your testosterone/epitestosterone ratio, which is typically what is being tested for.



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