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Universal Nutrition

Universal Nutrition has been a top manufacturer of sports nutrition supplements since 1977. Our mission is to provide high quality sports and health nutrition formulas at competitive prices. At Universal Nutrition, we want to be a partner in your efforts to reach your potential and achieve a stronger physique. Above all, we value quality, service, responsiveness, reliability and innovation.

To us, “quality” is not just a word – it is the driving force behind our company. It is our philosophy and our first dedication to our customer. We stand behind each and every product that leaves our manufacturing facility and do not “contract out” our manufacturing. As a result, we guarantee strict quality control at each step of the manufacturing process.

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  • *Animal Gains Stack

    *Animal Gains Stack

    Size : 4pc Stack

    This is the ideal stack for explosive muscle growth.  ...



  • *Animal M-Gains Stack

    *Animal M-Gains Stack

    Size : 4pc Stack

    The ULTIMATE hormone-free anabolic stack!...



  • Bonus

    *Animal M-Stak Pack

    *Animal M-Stak Pack

    Size : 3pc Stack

    FREE Trial Size Animal Whey with Purchase! Get the Animal Advantage - Prohormone...



  • Bonus

    *Animal Stak Pack

    *Animal Stak Pack

    Size : 3pc Stack

    FREE Trial Size Animal Whey with Purchase! Bodybuilding Stack with test booster...



  • *Signature Series Vintage Gym Bag

    *Signature Series Vintage Gym Bag

    Size : 1 gym bag

    Servings :

    Universal's new Vintage Gym Bag is retro-inspired, classic, and functional, this...



  • 100% Beef Aminos

    100% Beef Aminos

    Size : 400 tabs

    Servings :133

    Derived from the highest quality beef protein isolate, beef albumin concentrate ...



  • Animal Cuts

    Animal Cuts

    Size : 42 individual packs

    Servings :42

    Get ripped, shredded & pealed * Use Animal Cuts when you need to look dry & hard...



  • Animal Flex

    Animal Flex

    Size : 44 individual packs

    Servings :44

    Complete joint supplementation designed for serious powerlifters & bodybuilders...



  • Animal M Stak

    Animal M Stak

    Size : 21 individual packs

    Servings :21

    A natural supplement helps boost anabolism * Perfect for the classic "hardgainer...



  • Animal Mass

    Animal Mass

    Size : 5lb (42 scoops)

    Servings :14 - 165g servings

    High Quality, Creatine-Free Anabolic Gainer * Superior Protein-Complex Carbs & Q...



  • Animal Nitro

    Animal Nitro

    Size : 44 packs

    Servings :22

    Essential Post-Workout Anabolic Promotes Recovery, Increased Energy & Greater St...



  • Animal Omega

    Animal Omega

    Size : 30 individual packs

    Servings :30

    Comprehensive essential fatty acid (EFA) pack for the serious lifter....



  • Animal Pak

    Animal Pak

    Size : 44 individual packs

    Servings :22-44

    Daily Multi for Strength & Power Athletes...



  • Animal Pak Powder

    Animal Pak Powder

    Size : 388g

    Servings :22

    The Power Of Animal Pak In Powder! ...



  • Animal PM

    Animal PM

    Size : 30 individual packs

    Servings :30

    Nighttime Anabolic Recovery Pack Promotes Deep, Restful Sleep ...



  • Animal Pro Lifting Straps

    Animal Pro Lifting Straps

    Size : 1 pair

    Servings :

    These are the same straps that you saw Animal unveil at the 2008 Mr. Olympia....



  • Animal Pump

    Animal Pump

    Size : 30 individual packs

    Servings :30

    Pre-Workout Muscle Volumizing Stack with High Performance Creatine & N.O....



  • Animal Rage XL

    Animal Rage XL

    Size : ~150g

    Servings :30

    Animal Rage XL is a shot of adrenaline, a surge of raw power * dominate the gym!...



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