Coenzyme B12 Spray

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Coenzyme B12 Spray

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  • Promotes efficient metabolism
  • Helps maintain healthy nerve function
  • Supports healthy blood cell formation
  • Maintains healthy homocysteine levels
  • Critical for energy production
  • Convenient delivery system

Coenzyme B12 is critical for energy production. However, the only natural source is from animal-based foods, such as red meat. If you’re cutting back on meat for health reasons, you may unknowingly trigger another health problem: B12 deficiency! Conveniently, just one spray of Nutrasumma® B12 packs more vitamin content than 104 three-oz servings of beef — without the calories, fat, or cholesterol.

Coenzyme B12 fights fatigue by converting fats and proteins into energy and ensuring your blood cells have enough oxygen. Unfortunately, many factors — including compromised intestinal health and antacid use — block B12 absorption. While most B12 supplements include a form of the vitamin your body has to convert before it can use, Nutrasumma® B12 saves your body a step, by including the coenzyme forms of B12: dibencozide and methylcobalamin.

This convenient spray form of Coenzyme B12 is easy to swallow without water and leaves no unpleasant aftertaste. Nutrasumma offers two co-enzyme forms (methylcobalamin and dibencozide) with cyanocobalamin. This approach helps the body close the vitamin gap when stomach acids are low and unable to release Vitamin B12 from food.

Spray directly in the mouth (and swallow) for quick effectiveness.



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