FD Sprout Mix Organic Omega Gather

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FD Sprout Mix Organic Omega Gather

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FOUR WHOLE FOOD INGREDIENTS: Flax Sprouts, Chia Sprouts, Pumpkin Sprouts & Sesame Sprouts

  • Certified organic, non-GMO seeds freshly sprouted in mineral-rich water.
  • Gently milled and optimally dried for a nutrient-dense, whole food powder.
  • A powerful blend of flax, chia, pumpkin and sesame sprouts.
  • Unique supply of essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega-3, 6 and 9.
  • No “natural” flavoring, “other ingredients” or additives whatsoever.

Our FD Omega Gather Sprout Mix is derived through a unique process that starts by sprouting the finest, certified organic, non-GMO seeds in mineral-rich water and then freeze-drying them in order to lock in their essential nutrients and enzymes and extend shelf-life. A powerful blend of Flax Sprouts, Chia Sprouts, Pumpkin Sprouts and Sesame Sprouts provides an array of the essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega 3 and 6 as well as the complementary omega-9 fatty acid, in addition to numerous other vitamins and minerals. The result is a supremely nutrient-dense, enzymatically active and bioavailable pure sprout powder that can be conveniently consumed in a variety of ways.

Enzymatically Active, Pure Sprout Powders

Flax Sprouts:

A Mineral-Rich, Omega-3-Packing Superfood
Contain elevated levels of both soluble and insoluble fiber
Powerful ability as an anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering agent
Contains a number of healthy phytochemicals and minerals

Chia Seed Sprouts:
An Antioxidant-Rich, Omega-3-Packing Superfood
Low-calorie and rich in antioxidants, healthy fiber, protein and other essential nutrients
Unique ability to help improve metabolic health and increase bone strength
Encourages weight loss and promotes overall health

Pumpkin Seed Sprouts:
A High-Protein, Mineral-Rich Superfood
A high-quality source of complete protein with all the essential amino acids
Powerful anti-inflammatory properties, anti-diabetic effects and benefits for the health of the heart, liver and prostate.
Unique source of rest-inducing tryptophan, heart-healthy magnesium and other essential minerals

Sesame Seed Sprouts:
An Antioxidant-Rich, Omega-6-Packing Superfood
Unique source of omega-6 fatty acids
Promotes overall health by helping reduce blood pressure, improve oral health, lower cholesterol and relieve arthritis
Contains a diverse array of healthy vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and minerals

Enhance salads, Eat straight, Boost smoothies!



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