Double Tap

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Double Tap

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Burn Excess Body Fat And Reshape Your Physique Faster And More Efficiently Than Ever Before! Reduce Hunger & Improves Energy, Enhances Memory & Speeds Metabolism!

Burn excess body fat and reshape your physique faster and more efficiently than ever before. Double Tap will reduce your appetite, increase your energy, and greatly focus your thoughts and enhance memory in a caloric deficiency. Double Tap reduces the hunger struggle that we all experience while trying to get in the leanest possible shape.

  • Reduces Hunger
  • Improves Energy
  • Enhances Memory
  • Speeds Metabolism

1. As a female, can I take DOUBLE TAP?
Absolutely. DOUBLE TAP is not hormone based so you can take DOUBLE TAP as a female.

2. How can I incorporate a fat burner like DOUBLE TAP when I take a pre-workout like TOTAL WAR?
I don’t want to overdo stimulants. To prevent overuse of stimulants, start with a half serving of DOUBLE TAP to begin with. Additionally, make sure to space out DOUBLE TAP roughly 3-4 hours from a serving of TOTAL WAR.

3. Can I take DOUBLE TAP pre-training instead of a pre-workout?
Yes, but the stimulant effects are not as pronounced.

4. Do I need to take all (3) capsules at once each day?
For optimal results, yes.

5. If I’m a regular coffee drinker, can I still take DOUBLE TAP, if so, how?
We suggest you limit your coffee intake while supplementing with DOUBLE TAP. As with a pre-workout, try to space out your servings of DOUBLE TAP and any other stimulants such as coffee.

6. To keep from interrupting my sleep, when should I take my last serving of DOUBLE TAP for the day?
Everyone has a different sensitivity to stimulants. If you tend to be more sensitive, we suggest cutting off DOUBLE TAP by 4pm. If you are less sensitive, we’d suggest cutting off DOUBLE TAP 4 hours prior to bedtime.

7. Do I need to cycle off DOUBLE TAP?
It is always a good idea to cycle off of stimulants. Try 12 weeks on 4 weeks off. Your body down regulates quickly to the effects of caffeine. The fat burning effects do not change but over time you may not feel the same levels of energy from DOUBLE TAP. Thus after 12 weeks of use, discontinue for 4 weeks.

8. Do I need to take DOUBLE TAP every day to see results?
Yes, consistency is the key to desired results.

9. What the main fat burning ingredients in DOUBLE TAP?
Acetyl L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous



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