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Product Review (submitted on May 23, 2014):
For basic HGH, AI Sports HGH Pro is okay. I've been looking for a few years for something that's worked as well (for me) as Meritech Recombinant DNA for quite a while, haven't found it yet. HGH Pro is decent; I did get good sleep, and slightly increased strength, but didn't get that "solid iron muscles" feeling. It also seems like it takes a "loading period" which is odd for an HGH, because I've felt results with every other HGH product I've tried within two or three days.

I did get the BOGO with this, and cycled through the two bottles at different times, taking about a 60 day break between bottles. When I first started I was taking this alongside ZMA, and it seemed to reduce the "energy kick" that I got from ZMA. Looking at the ingredients it kind of makes sense. I stopped the ZMA while taking HGH Pro, but never got that "kick" back. I know that's not the primary intent of HGH, but I also don't feel that "tight skin" with this product like I did with Meritech Recombinant DNA or with MHP Secretagogue One. With other products I typically feel results within 3 days, and physically see results in a week.

HGH Pro also doesn't taste very good. I thought my first bottle had just been exposed to anthrax or something, but the second bottle tasted like chalky armpit as well, and gave me the burps for a bit, no matter how much or how little water I took with it.

Overall, though, 40 bucks for a 2 month supply is pretty darn cheap, and if you're new to HGH this will show you some benefits. I'm going back to Secretagogue One for a few months, then will try something different. I likely won't go back to HGH Pro, but I wouldn't steer people away from it.