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ALR Industries (ALRI)

ALR Industries (ALRI) stand behind their quality nutrition products and offer a range of the most inventive and effective supplements for bodybuilding, health and fitness ever created. They focus on relaxing, energizing, and strength supplements. It was born in 2001 from Author L. Rea, both an athlete and scientist with more than three decades experience in the worlds of bodybuilding and biological research & development. ALR Industries is constantly in the pursuit of raising the bar and setting new standards for quality and effectiveness in the supplement industry. With low calorie, high protein and vegetarian friendly products like HumaPro to some of the strongest weight loss products ever sold, ALR is your first choice for hardcore nutritional supplements.

ALRI HumaPro


MSRP: $74.95 - $79.95 Save up to 66% off MSRP $26.99 - $33.99