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December 09, 2015

Can This Bodybuilder Diet Really Help You Pack on Mass and Get Lean - All Without Cardio?

Courtesy of MHP

It can mean the difference between you being one of the BIGGEST and MOST RIPPED guys in the gym, sweating on the weight room floor moving “barloads” of heavy steel… or being the little skinny guy talking on his cell phone riding the cardio machine!

How would you like to pack on muscle and lose body fat without ever having to do cardio again? Yes, you read it right — pack on muscle and lose body fat without EVER doing cardio! In the following few pages, you’ll discover how some of the top bodybuilders in the world pack on slabs of muscle and stay hard all year round, without cardio and without starving themselves.


It all comes down to food and what pro-bodybuilders have named “Macrobolic Nutrition” or “The Lean Mass Equation”. And although you may be hearing for it for the first time in this very article, Macrobolic Nutrition has been used by some of the top bodybuilders and strength athletes for years to get into contest shape while retaining, even building muscle mass.

It’s being brought mainstream now, for you to reap its benefits. And it was designed for the hardcore, serious bodybuilder/athlete who’s looking to pack on lean muscle mass, increase strength, and improve performance. Are you ready for it?

The “Low Carb” Conundrum

Make No Mistake About it… Low Carb Diets Will Burn Fat at the Expense of Precious Muscle Tissue

The huge media attention on the “Low Carb” diets may have led you to believe that they are the only way to get a lean, muscular physique. Unfortunately, you probably found out the hard way that a “Low Carb” diet isn’t giving you the results you want. Rather than looking big and hard with full, dense muscles, you often feel small, flat and weak!

In fact, a recent review on diet and anaerobic exercise (weightlifting) in the Strength and Conditioning Journal concluded that diets containing less than 42% carbohydrates do not meet the energy demands or provide adequate glycogen stores for bodybuilders and their intense workouts. Why? Because the physical demands a bodybuilder places on his body creates a greater need for heavy-duty nutrition that will repair muscle fiber and sustain growth. Low Carb diets DO NOT provide heavy-duty nutrition.


  • Eating in a 45/35/20 Nutrition Profile Allows You to Build Muscle and Burn Fat 24-7

    Fundamental Principle: Macrobolic Nutrition’s 45/35/20 Lean Mass Equation derives its calories from powerful, nutrient-dense sources in a ratio of 45% carbs, 35% protein and 20% fat. This precise ratio from select sources is critical for creating the metabolic and hormonal environment conducive for muscle growth and fat burning.

  • 45% Carbohydrates

    Let’s cover carbs first, since I know most of you are struggling to believe you can get ultra lean with 45% of your calories coming from carbs. In fact, I can hear some of you now… “45% of my calories? But, won’t I get fat?”… No. Get over it.

Truth is, bodybuilders must choose their carbohydrate sources wisely. And Macrobolic Nutrition places great emphasis on carbohydrates using the Glycemic Index (GI). Simple Macrobolic Rule #1: High GI carbs like sugar cause rapid blood sugar fluctuations. They should be avoided. Simple Macrobolic Rule #2: Lower GI carbs like oatmeal, brown rice, barley and yams should be primary carb sources. Why? Lower GI carbs provide a slow, steady supply of blood sugar, maximizing glycogen storage in your muscle and regulating two very important hormones that optimize muscle growth and fat loss: Insulin and Glucagon.

The 45/35/20 Macrobolic Nutrition Profile Primes and Fine Tunes Your Hormonal Environment for Serious Muscle Building and Fat Burning, Allowing…

  • Low and Controlled Insulin Release
  • Elevated Glucagon Levels.
  • Increased Growth Hormone
  • Low Cortisol Levels

Macrobolic Nutrition's Hormonal Effects on Body Composition

/***** THIS TABLE IS VERY BROKEN ON CURRENT SITE. ON BELIEF, IT WAS TAKEN FROM the 37th actual page (numbered 27) from here: IF YOU WANT ME TO RECREATE THIS PROPERLY, PLEASE LET ME KNOW *****/ * This chart, although new to you, is no secret to professional bodybuilders. They’ve been optimizing and manipulating the levels of key hormones for years to get in critical contest shape.
  • 35% Protein

    We all know the importance of protein for muscle building. Macrobolic Nutrition prescribes 35% of your calories are derived from quality protein sources high in the “critical cluster” amino acids: glutamine, arginine and branch chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine). These amino acids are of extreme importance for a bodybuilder, as they’ll help give strength, endurance, and recovery to your muscles.

    But the key here is to combine various protein sources… one protein source is simply not enough. Get your protein from sources such as lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, low fat dairy and protein supplements such as whey, casein and soy — Each one has a different amino acid content and release rate (absorption rate) to maintain a positive nitrogen retention and create an anabolic environment that stimulates muscle growth.

  • 20% Fats

    One of the biggest mistakes a bodybuilder or athlete can make is to avoid fats altogether. While large amounts of saturated fats should be avoided, some fats, specifically essential fatty acids (EFA’s) are important to health and performance. Fats perform many important functions and are responsible for hormone production, inflammation, the absorption of calcium and fat-soluble vitamins. From a digestive standpoint, fats slow down gastric emptying and consequently, help prolong nutrient delivery. Twenty percent of your calories should come from the fat contained within your protein sources and from additional sources supplying EFAs such as olive oil, borage oil and flaxseed oil.


    Up until recently, nutritional supplements have not been developed to the Macrobolic Nutrition principle. It seems that designing a Macrobolic supplement poses many challenges, namely in the areas of cost and flavor. According to some of the top manufacturers, it’s very difficult to formulate an inexpensive product with mega doses of expensive ingredients such as low GI carbs and high quality proteins. It’s even harder to make it taste incredible WITHOUT using boatloads of sugar.

    One company has recently has taken on the task. Gerard Dente, President of MHP and a former competitive bodybuilder, has reportedly spent years of R&D and a huge sum of money to develop a supplement line that meets the criteria of the highly specialized Macrobolic principles.

    MHP’s Macrobolic formula is called Up Your MASS, which is available in 4 different products so far: 2 flavors of dense nutrition lean mass gainer powders and 2 flavors of 100-gram nutrition bars.

    According to Gerard, “I’ve collaborated with some of the world’s leading food scientists and flavor specialists to give all people the exact same Macrobolic Nutrition that professional bodybuilders are using. They contain real ground up oats, barley, and high quality proteins, so you don’t have to spend time cooking up and pounding down coup fulls of chicken and paddies full of rice to get big.”

    Macrobolic Nutrition is truly a tremendous development in the mass, strength and endurance arenas. The world’s top athletes are using it to get big and strong and finally, you can too. MHP makes it easier with their Up Your MASS line and I’m positive you will see many other companies following suit. Truth is, the more Macrobolic supplements there are on the market, the bigger, better, and stronger we’ll all be!

    Courtesy of MHP