By Andrew McInroy, B. Sc. Nutrition

One of the features that makes an elite athlete, “elite”, is their ability to recover fast for competition. During workouts and exercise, the muscles experience micro tears and this is essentially damage to the muscles. Part of increasing your performance is to always push yourself in your sport in order to overload your muscles and achieve these micro tears because the body responds to this by repairing the muscles and making them come back bigger and stronger. Of course if you’re an endurance athlete, slow twitch muscle fibers are enhanced which don’t really get “bigger” and you increase your cardiovascular abilities. But the point is that in order to be your best at whatever you’re doing, you need to push yourself to the max in the gym, but eating right and supplementing right outside of the gym may be even more important. This is because you need to provide the building blocks and the fuel that is required for this recovery process to be optimized. This article will discuss the essential nutrition and supplementation factors you must achieve in order to maximize your recovery.

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