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By On February 20 In Women's Fitness

Q: I am intrigued with the changes that you have made in your physique, Monica. Obviously your pre-determined personality and genetics have played an important role. I am hoping that you will share the diet and training changes you've made to create such great definition and hardness, without the bulk.

A: Determination is the key word here. Through all of my competitive years, what has worked best is consistency. Consistent training, consistent diet, and getting proper rest consistently. My journal is one of the most important tools I use to help me fine-tune my physique. It enables me to refer back to previous years of training and competitions, then make appropriate adjustments in the present. It isn't just one or two changes that I have made throughout the years, but a combination of everything that has ended up being the right prescription for obtaining my physique goals. Remember that everyone is different and will follow different routes to their own goals. Staying consistent and learning about your body will help you reach those goals faster!

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By On January 23 In Weight and Fat Loss Women's Fitness

Protein supplements are simple, economical tools that help people increase their protein intake while controlling how many carbohydrates they consume.  Many people on low carb diets find that powders and bars are also especially helpful as quick, on the go, meals.  However, the next time you look for low carb foods and supplements, things will look a little different.

It's going to be a little more difficult to find "Low Carbohydrate" products listed as "Low Carbohydrate."

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By On December 20 In Women's Fitness

We all have goals, aspirations and resolutions to start the New Year. The holidays simultaneously bring a sense of closure and new beginnings, but also a time of decadence and indulgence. If you can't seem to keep your diet clean this holiday season, here's a plan you can adopt not only for the New Year, but also for a lifetime of good health and the key to a great body.

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By On November 20 In Women's Fitness

I don't have time. It must be one of the most commonly employed excuses used by those who don't make exercise a regular part of their daily schedule. Ironically, it is exercise and a healthy diet that enables increased health benefits, an overall sense of confidence and well being and a decrease in obesity related diseases.

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By On October 20 In Women's Fitness

We are constantly hearing recommendations that women should exercise to improve their health, and for good reason. Physical activity can reduce the risk of heart attacks, decrease high blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, prevent disease, build endurance, and make us stronger and more flexible. In addition, women can improve their emotional health through regular exercise - physical activity can improve mood, reduce stress and improve body image.

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By On September 20 In Nutrition / Diet / Meal Plans Women's Fitness

Your body is like an engine that needs fuel to run. If you supply it with high quality fuel, it will operate more efficiently and healthfully. Each of the five groups above supplies important nutrients and energy to fuel the body.

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By On August 20 In Women's Fitness

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) refers to the time before a woman's menstrual cycle begins and usually improves once menstruation has begun. For many women the symptoms are unbearable. Symptoms are both physical and emotional and include: food cravings, mood swings and/or depression, fluid retention, compulsive behavior, headaches, nausea, crying, and a host of other complaints.

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By On August 20 In Protein Women's Fitness

For years, research scientists have proven what a tremendous boost Soy Protein can be for women. Did you know that soy contains a natural type of female hormone estrogen? Scientists call these plant hormones "isoflavones".

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