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December 09, 2015

How to add 100 plus pounds on your bench in 6 months!

Charles "Chuck Diesel" Curry


100lbs + in 6 months, is very possible if you follow this program as it is written. The amount you are benching now, determines how much you will increase your bench press on this program. Someone benching 425 pounds at start is going to increase their bench more than someone starting at 225 pounds. If you rarely bench with reps below 10, this program may take some time to get use to. If you shift your thinking and training from size gains to strength gains you will notice thicker, harder muscles. When benching, do not focus on growing; focus of strength gains. The size will come. Any one benching 405lbs for reps isn't walking around the gym with a bird chest!

The blueprint

Before benching always warm up with 8 to 12 minutes of light cardio (bike, elliptical, etc.,), followed by light back, and legs (2 sets 15 reps of each).

Take 1 rep max and use 70% (5X), 80%(3X), and 85% (1X).. 2 warm up sets of 10 to 15 reps at 40%. Add a rep to each set every workout until the 5 becomes 7; the 3 becomes 5; and the 1 becomes 3; then its time to jump 10lbs on all sets, and drop the reps back down to 5X, 3X, 1X.

If you traditionally perform 8 plus sets on chest day, you can do a 5X, 3X, 1X, 5X, 3X same percentages or 2 sets of 10-15 reps of incline dumbbell, incline press, or close grip declines after your 3 strength building sets of bench. 2 warm-up sets, and 3 to 5 strength building sets should be the only thing you do on bench day for chest.


225lbs. (1 rep max)(90lbs. = 40%) warm up (2 sets 10 to 15 reps)
(160lbs. = 70%)
(180lbs.= 80%)
(190lbs.= 85%)
workout 1workout 2workout 3
160 5X160 6X160 7X
180 3X180 4X180 5X
190 1X190 2X190 3X


workout 4workout 5workout 6
170 5X170 6X170 7X
190 3X190 4X190 5X
200 1X200 2X200 3X

27 workouts should be 9 cycles of (3) 10lb. jumps: Your last set for each 3-workout cycle should be 190,200,210,220,230,240,250,260,270, if your one rep maximum bench started at 225 lbs.

The last workout (bench day #27) should be:

250lbs. 7X

260lbs. 5X

270lbs. 3X

The 270lbs 3X should be to 80% to 90% of new 1 rep max. (300 to 335lbs., an increase of 75lbs to 110lbs from 225 in 27 workouts: 6 months of benching once a week, or 5 times a month)!

One thing to note is that when doing this program, the weight may seem light in the beginning. Do not add reps because you can do more. Remember to bench once every 5 to 7 days w/o training any other major muscle group such as back, legs the same day (warm up sets do not count).


3 workouts a week-

  1. Bench, bi's, abs
  2. back, tri's, abs
  3. quads, hams, calves

This split allows me to not over train any muscle group during a workout. The less damage you do, the less time it takes to recuperate. Some preach do pulling muscles together and pushing muscles together, but if you are really training the major muscle groups using movements like, bench, squat, deadlift or rows, you are doing enough damage with those movements. It really makes no since to further tear down triceps after benching, by doing more triceps work, or tear down bi's even more by training bi's after back work. Instead I train triceps with back, to allow the two to give each other time to rest when super setting the two muscle groups. On back day I do two sets back, then two sets of tri's, then back again until the workout is complete. Same with quads, if you are squatting and do not like to take breaks any longer than it takes to load the weight, training a set of calves and bi's between each quad set will give the quads time to rest between sets, and shorten your workout time by not having to rest 5 to 10 minutes for maximum power between each set of squat if doing all quad sets back to back.

When doing this program it is important to train triceps and shoulders to grow (higher reps). Keep the reps at 10-15 for these muscle groups. Low reps are not need for these pushing muscles because they gain strength from benching with low reps. Training these correlating muscles at higher reps will reduce you chances for injury that may herder your gains during this program. During this program you want to train shoulders and triceps for endurance, not for power . Kickbacks, reverse pushdowns, and close grip decline bench work well for building tricep size. Dumbbell side lateral raises, upright rows, cable side lateral raises, and hammer front deltoid raises work great with this program for shoulders.

Obviously there is no bench press plan that works for every one. The key is trying a program, exactly as it was written, for a good 4 to 6 months. If you do not make any gains evaluate other factors that influence how fast you gain strength, such as stress and sleeping patterns. No workout will work for your if you are getting 4 hours of sleep every night!

Written by Charles "Chuck Diesel" Curry, founder GET DIESEL NUTRITION