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September 23, 2015

Liquid Creatine Serums: The Importance of Stability

Courtesy of MMUSA

Research has proven that powdered creatine degrades into the waste product creatinine shortly after being mixed with any liquid.

Creatine Monohydrate cannot survive in its pure form unless it is stable. In powdered form, it is stable. That's why most creatine products are sold as powders.

By simply placing creatine powder into a liquid without the proper stabilizers and techniques, creatine will degrade into the waste product creatinine. So by the time you buy most liquid creatine formulas, the creatine has already degraded. And the excessive amount of flavor additives cannot hide the smell and bitterness of creatinine.

A number of supplement companies have tried to find a way to stop this degradation so that creatine could be sold as a liquid. Only one has succeeded.

In 1995, there was a breakthrough in the supplement industry: the introduction of Muscle Marketing USA's (MMUSA) Creatine Serums.

Many "innovation-by-imitation" companies tried to produce similar products by mixing creatine powder with other substances into a liquid or thick gel base. they might slow the inevitable degredation but not for very long.

These companies use the word "stable." The word they should be using is "suspended" or "delayed." Suspension attempts to prevent breaking of chemical components of any amino acid by placing the powder in a slow carrying agent such as a gel.

Maintenance and loading are still required and these "liquids" have the same or more problems as powdered creatine, such as bloating, cramping, diarrhea and water retention. Manufacturers can make all the claims they want, but all the advertising in the world will not sell an inferior product more than once.

Some companies try to force up to 5gm of creatine powder into a suspended form. However, this leads to the creatine crystallizing. Drinking it in this form not only causes stomach upset and cramping, but diarrhea and vomiting.

Moreover, your body has a limited capacity to absorb creatine. It is wasteful to use a product that contains more creatine per serving than your body can and will actually utilize. The key then, is to take in a proper amount of creatine that your body can absorb and deliver to the muscles in a quick, safe and effective way without any side effects or discomforts. MMUSA has created this ideal product.

Studies have shown that your body will absorb only a fraction of the creatine you take in powdered form. As a stabilized liquid formula, far more MMUSA Creatine Serum can be absorbed into your bloodstream than powdered creatine - at lower dosages! In terms of actual absorption and utilization, a single 5ml serving of Creatine Serum is the equivalent of many spoonfuls of powder! And since the MMUSA Serum is so easily abosrbed, you'll use less of it per serving...making it cheaper to use than powders.

MMUSA Creatine Serums do not lead loading or maintenance because within a few minutes, your muscle will have the ATP storage level that you would have attempted to accomplish by loading and maintaining with powdered creatine.

All MMUSA's Creatine Serums are guaranteed to be stable for 2 years from the date of production. As well, it is not necessary to load or maintain because their serum's molecular structure allows for immediate assimilation and utilization by the body within minutes.

Chemical stability is a specialized field and takes intense research and development. For the past few years MMUSA's main focus has been on the stabilization of creatine. MMUSA's chemists have discovered that creatine can be stabilized, but only under specific conditions, and MMUSA's patented line of products reflects their efforts and persistence.

In 1995, Dr. Mustafa Omar, Professor of Pharmacology and a leading chemist for MMUSA perfected a stabilized form of vitamin C. His breakthrough was acclaimed by dermatologists worldwide as the best available stable vitamin C formulation. Dr. Omar, thereafter, in cooperation with a team of researchers at MMUSA, worked closely to stabilize creatine monohydrate. After many scientific tests and analyses, their efforts produced the breakthrough stablilized creatine.

MMUSA is proud to help athletes reach their goals without having to experience the side effects reported by users of powdered creatine. MMUSA's Creatine Serums are the most effective way to extend your energy level during intense workouts.