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August 13, 2015

Six-Pack Protocol - Getting Shredded

Andrew McInroy, B. Sc. Nutrition

It’s that time of year again! The New Year’s Revolutionists are going to start to pollute the gyms. Hey don’t take offense, we want you to succeed! It’s just that we get sick and tired of seeing the gym get filled up with a bunch of new people and then in a month they quit! Can you guess why these people quit? It’s not because they are lazy. They are in there working hard! It is usually because they don’t see results and they think they are wasting their time. The 6 Pack Protocol will cover many avenues so that you can be successful in your weight loss goals in the New Year. But I am going to tell you right now, if you don’t want to put your time, dedication and sweat into this program you might has well stop reading right now because it isn’t going to be easy. However, if you want a program that will definitely help you with getting defined muscles and ripped abs then continue on because what I am about to tell you WORKS.

Please note that in the 6 Pack Protocol, you will not be able to lift as heavy as you normally can because you will be in a calorie deficit and doing more cardio. With this being said, continue to work your hardest but don’t get discouraged if you aren’t hitting personal records each week.

In this program, you are definitely going to be doing cardio. Try to separate cardio and weight lifting by at least 4 hours. But if you have to do your weightlifting and cardio in the same session, make sure that you do your weightlifting first and cardio after. Your cardio choices are endless; treadmills, elliptical, swimming, boxing, etc. Whatever cardio you choose to do, make sure that you are going at a pace that isn’t killing you but you are definitely breathing heavy and sweating. This type of intensity is what will burn the fat away fastest.

You should lift weights for about 40 – 60 minutes and do cardio for 30 – 40 minutes. On days that you work your legs hard (deadlifts and squats days), don’t do cardio. If your legs are sore the day after leg days, just go for a long walk.

Nutrition will be the most important factor for losing weight. Let’s face it, if you aren’t eating less than you’re burning, you won’t get any results! The reason you want to eat less than you burn is because your body will then tap into your fat stores to use that for burning energy! So let’s talk about the best diet strategies to ensure that the fat melts off you super-fast!