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October 20, 2015

TESTOSTERONE! The Real Holy Grail For Muscle

Fitness First USA

Everyone speculates as to why champion lifters and bodybuilders are so incredibly massive, muscular and strong these days, while the rest of us languish, a mass of mediocrity. The reasons most often given are two fold, genetics and drugs, to which I respectively reply, horse-shit!

The staggering, monstrous, shredded muscle today humbles us. It is incredulous that anyone can obtain such massive muscle. Will the incredible changes, from Sandow to Reeves to Schwarzenegger to Coleman ever slow down? Are there no boundaries to bigger biceps?

By and large, across a wide spectrum, humans have the same biology and physiology, roughly, the same proportion of type 1 and 2 muscle fibers. DNA dynamics just do not matter, not nearly as much as the dynamics of ego, drive, need, want and motivation, all do!

Chromosomes mutate or adopt over eons of time. Better selection, training, f0od and supplements most influence mass, power and strength. Athletes are MUCH bigger and stronger today. Nowhere is this more evident than in football and bodybuilding!

If you compare the average weight of the lineman on the Green Bay Packers championships teams, the first 2 years they won the first two Super Bowl Titles (67/68), the average weight of linemen was 245-pounds! Today the best pro teams have an average linemen weight of 325-pounds.

In bodybuilding, when he won his last Mr. Olympia in 1980, Arnold weighed 232 pounds at 6’1”. Ronnie Coleman weighs 270-pounds at 5’11”! Bodybuilders have much bigger skeletal muscles today, but genetics is NOT the reason. The gross number of muscles that each of us has, about 600, is the same now, as it was in 1950, 1850 or 2000 BC. And drugs --anabolic steroids have undeniably elevated muscle, but look, drugs do NOT a champion make. Barry Bonds the best home run hitter today and Victor Martinez is the most-muscular, striated pro bodybuilder, but neither is so, because of drugs.


It used to be held, by most doctors and endocrinologists, that testosterone was rather static, jetting up mainly in puberty (which is true, T can increase 10 times from age 9 to 19), and only then does it significantly modulating muscle and male primary and secondary gender/sexual characteristics. But, T-scientists know today, that testosterone is much more complex and dynamic, all through life, for both sexes.

It is no secret that to get your muscle mass way up, you must get your T levels way up. BUT -- based on MHP’s major new work, with many pharmaceutical companies and universities (and believe us, millions of dollars are spent on testosterone replacement and hormonal manipulation research), elevating your testosterone, is NOT the sole answer, to building maximum fat-free muscle mass.

In fact, clearly, you can manipulate your body, not only to optimize the anabolic effects of testosterone, but to turn down testosterone antagonists! You literally, can ‘create’ an anabolic ‘frenzy’ between your free, bio-available testosterone and your muscle cell T-receptors, especially in your fast-twitch (high muscle growth) fibers.

Gerard Dente is a world class bodybuilder. He is also the president of MHP. At 263 ripped pounds, he is, absolutely, the most muscular CEO, of any large company, ever! Dr. Vincent Giamapa is a world renowned authority in hormone replacement. Together, they head up MHP’S R&D.

Working with experts in the fields of endocrinology medicine and hormonal manipulation, MHP has pioneered a new pro-testosterone formula, a precedent, where one can manipulate your complete hormone profile, optimizing strength, muscle mass and performance!

Gerard Dente says, “There are an amazing number of new advances in hormonal manipulation. We now know that to build maximum, fat-free muscle, even with heavy, intense training and eating 100% correctly, that muscle requires much more than simply pushing your testosterone levels to a maximum. More than this, the amazing mass of today’s best bodybuilders, is primarily due to hormonal manipulation! This inside science allows bodybuilders to use more protein and nutrients and induces a much better metabolic response from an equal amount of training!

This lies at the heart of what the best “insiders’, our champion pro bodybuilders have known, and used, for years!” Not to mention, these best guys do NOT take juice year-round. Hormonal manipulation, through supplements, is a science. It has allowed our “best of the best” to get off steroids and better maintain their mass and cuts, safely!” MHP is absolutely cutting edge in this science.”

Testosterone is the leader in the never-ending quest for the hormonal Holy Grail of maximum muscle! It is well-documented, to increase muscle mass and strength, mobilize and decrease body fat, increase overall protein synthesis (and the rate), increase muscle and liver glycogen synthesis, increase energy, skin vitality, concentration, focus, creative ability, and (of course), to maintain all aspects of sexual vitality, such as erectile function, central drive, essential spermatogenesis, sperm numbers, potency and motility.

But, your endocrine system is extremely complicated and while you may think all you have to do is pump your receptor sites full of testosterone to get all of these goodies, instead, you must be concerned with estrogen, DHT and sex-hormone-binding globulin. Why? High T-levels can also raise estrogen, DHT and SHBG and can cause Gyno (female-like breast tissue formation), excess water retention, high cortisol and estrone, prostate hypertrophy, high aromotase, more body fat and less scalp hair. Ugh.


T-BOMB II represents a state of “supreme hormone management and manipulation.” One Doctor has already written, “This product is extremely efficacious to ramp T-levels up to a natural maximum. I regard it as a major clinical significant, non-prescription agent, perhaps, the biggest boost in testosterone technology in the last 15 years!”

TB II is a pro-hormone-free testosterone (as all PH’s are now illegal), a brilliant MHP multiple-tiered formula, that simultaneously optimizes testosterone, increases free unbound, bio-available testosterone, radically improves your testosterone/estrogen ratio and maximizes all possible anabolic effects, associated with testosterone.

T-BOMB II uniquely approaches hormonal profiling, with multiple biological tiers, starting with Optimone-5. This exclusive formula increases natural production of testosterone, (by up to a measured 400%), and stimulates your anterior pituitary lobe to release greater amounts of LH (luteinizing hormone). This drives increased endogenous testosterone production.

The net effect is an exponential, training-induced, level of strength and muscle mass, heretofore unseen, naturally. In short, MHP knows that T-BOMB II has such a strong testosterone-boosting effect, (#1), that it supersedes all previous formulas.


Freedom counts, in China, Iran and in testosterone. As far as science knows, elevated testosterone is ONLY beneficial to building muscle, if it is circulating freely. Sex-hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), a protein, can bind to testosterone and may render it useless. So, T-BOMB II radically lowers SHBG, freeing up maximal bio-available testosterone, powering up much more muscle-building and “powering UP” all else that T does! (#2).

Not all testosterone remains pure. Your aromatase enzyme system may convert some of your testosterone (reversibly) to estrogen analogs, driving fat and water deposition and possible Gyno, reduced sexual drive and performance, and undesirable prostate hypertrophy.

Powerful and safe aromatase-inhibitors, in T-BOMB II, stop almost all conversion of testosterone to estrogen, dead in its tracks. This is not only critical for competitive bodybuilders, but anyone who wants to get maximum fat-free, hard muscularity. (#3, Figure A)

Stage 2 of T-BOMB II’s assault on excess estrogen, is via estrogen-blocking compounds. T-BOMB II binds estrogen receptors so estrogen analogs can NOT attach, and have NO effect. So, now you have greatly elevated T and zero E. No estrogenic effects, means more muscle with less fat. Testosterone dominates! (#3, Figure B)

Besides being shunted back to estrogen analogs, testosterone can also be converted to Di-hydro-testosterone (DHT). High DHT is correlated with male-pattern baldness, acne, Gyno and prostate growth. Here, DHT buildup is diminished, so it can not compete with testosterone for the androgen receptor. Thus, many more receptors are opened for testosterone engagement.


We have established that your muscle cell receptors must be able to bind testosterone or it can not be used best for muscle. An endocrinologist notes: “When testosterone docks at the muscle cell receptor, intracellular compounds, called 2nd messengers, communicate this to your cell nucleus DNA. This triggers an anabolic, muscle-building event cascade. The more efficient 2nd messengers work, the greater is the signal amplified. This ‘signal transduction amplification’, increases testosterone’s anabolic action, stimulating much more potential muscle growth. If your 2nd messengers operate optimally, muscle-building is likely increased 10-fold!”

MHP improves receptor site activity, amplifying receptor signaling, by use of a proprietor T-BOMB II 2nd messenger complex, upping the ante on Testosterone’s role in building fat-free muscle mass. (#4)

What has MHP accomplished with T-BOMB II?

  1. Your pituitary goes into overdrive, cranking out enormous levels of bio-available testosterone.
  2. It cripples SHBG, also allowing much more free-testosterone to be made bio-available for muscle receptors.
  3. Estrogen, and its analogs, are “attacked” in a 2-stage assault, by halting the conversion of estrogen, and by blocking estrogen receptors. Estrogen can not be utilized.
  4. DHT conversion is SHUT DOWN, opening up even more androgen receptors, allowing for EVEN MORE TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION!
  5. The unique 2nd messenger complex amplifies the DNA ‘testosterone arrival signal’ so testosterone can unleash fully, its powerful and anabolic muscle-building effects completely -- for the FIRST time EVER!