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September 24, 2015

What is Deer Antler Velvet?

Fitness First USA
There is a tremendous amount of talk about Deer Antler in the news these days. From NFL players to Golf Pros it seems that the product is common among high level athletes. What is Deer Antler? What is it used for? Does it work? We were able to sit down with Chris Beekman, Vice President of Sales for Pure Solutions, to get clarification on this supplement that has everyone talking. Pure Solutions is a leader in the Deer Antler market producing only the highest quality products for over 11 years.

FFUSA: Deer Antler is all over the news right now with some top name athletes saying that they have used it. Briefly can you explain what Deer Antler is and why top athletes would want to take it?


Deer antlers are the only mammalian organs that are capable of continuous regeneration. Because of this, Deer antlers are nutrient rich in IGF-1, growth factors and other protein based structures. They are one of the worlds oldest raw super foods and provide an individuals body with a vast array of nutritional components that no other single dietary supplement can. Top athletes use the product because it contains naturally occurring, bio-identical IGF 1 as well as all 17 other naturally occurring Amino Chain complex’s in the human body. These growth factors (IGF1) are essential for all functions of any athlete. On a cellular level Deer Antler will allow an ageing athlete’s body to heal, repair and recover at a higher rate (similar to a younger body) then a natural normal state. The growth factors in the product are completely bio-identical meaning your body recognizes them as its own and does not have any negative side effects like the synthetic forms that are made in a human lab.

FFUSA: The product is legal but it has been banned in some by some sports organizations. Why is it being banned?


Deer Antler has been banned in some professional sports because of the fact that it has been proven to contain growth factors such as IGF-1, which in a synthetic version (man made in a lab) is considered a pharmaceutical. IGF-1 has been proven to enhance performance of athletics in the human body. However the IGF-1 in deer antler is bio-identical and naturally occurring in the human body.

FFUSA: Who will get the most benefit from using Deer Antler? Hardcore weightlifters, endurance athletes, ball players?


All athletes, male and female, even non-athletes will benefit significantly from the use of the product in their own way. Hardcore weight lifters will see noticeable benefits in their recovery times at the gym as well as tighter, firmer muscle growth. Endurance athletes will notice more energy, quicker recovery, more oxygenation of the cells for enhanced endurance and less issues with inflammation in joints, tendons, and tissues. Ball players alike will see strength gains, joint and tissue pains disappear, and also endurance and strength increases. A non-athlete will see increased results in metabolism, balanced hormones, energy, testosterone and an overall feeling of well being. Some of our biggest clients are high profile anti-aging clinics as well.

FFUSA: There are a lot of different brands popping up for deer antler that were not around a few months ago. You guys have been around for a long time. Can you tell me what distinguishes the Pure Solutions products?


BE AWARE NOT ALL DEER ANTLER IS THE SAME!! Pure Solutions has been in business producing the highest quality deer antler for over 11 years now. We are not a fly by night company and have a patent on our process of extracting deer antler at a 43:1 extract; raw material concentration ratio. This is well above our closest competitors, which are at a 15:1 rate. Other companies use straight ground up deer antler that contains a lot of unnecessary (filler ingredients) such as bone, hair etc. Pure Solutions takes the antler material and extracts only the necessary growth factors from it leaving the cleanest, highly concentrated, Potent raw material available on the market.

If some of you have tried other cheaper forms of antler with minimal to no results this is why. Also it is important to know that Pure Solutions uses only natural ingredients manufactured in amber glass bottles. Be aware of other companies that use plastic bottles and sprays that contain ingredients such as ‘poly sorbate’ or ‘potassium sorbate’ these products are a much cheaper form of a preservative that companies will use to cut corners. Both which can actually have a negative effect on the amino acids in the product and unbind them leaving the product worthless with hardly any nutritional value.

FFUSA: Are there any known side effects to taking Deer Antler products?


Absolutely no side effects. Our product is again completely bio-identical you can't overdose or anything. If you take more then your body can use you simply will secrete the excess via urine or sweat. I have high profile athletes taking stronger versions multiple times a day to insure saturation of the raw material.

*** I will note when taking product do not expect significant results in the first couple weeks, like HGH or IGF injectable. Deer Antler needs time to be absorbed and used by the body on a consistent basis.. It is very important to be consistent when taking the product and take for a minimum of 90 days.***

Fitness First Note : Pure Solutions Deer Antler products get fantastic feedback from consumers. Use the IGF 600 or the T600 for fastest results in muscle gain. IGF350 and T350 are great for recovery and overall health. Pure Solutions Deer Antler