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Advanced PCT

Athletic Xtreme
Advanced PCT

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Restores hormonal balance & prevents muscle loss after any hormonal anabolic cycle.
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No Cycle is Complete Without Advanced PCT

Post cycle therapy designed to restore the delicate hormonal balance and prevent muscle loss after any hormonal anabolic cycle.

FACT: Your hormones are completely out of balance during and after any anabolic cycle, and in many cases your body is no longer producing normal levels of its own natural testosterone potentially leading to losses in muscle and libido.

There's nothing worse than running a highly successful pro-hormone cycle, only to come off and have low testosterone levels that result in a loss of your hard-earned muscle mass and strength, and a sex drive that is nearly non-existent. Advanced PCT is the World's FASTEST acting testosterone and sex drive restoration, post cycle therapy protocol ever, utilizing and dramatically speeding recovery through the use of Nano-Release Technology. Lower estrogen, instantly accelerate testosterone production, enhance your mood, and revive your sex drive FASTER than ever before with Anabolic Xtreme's Advanced PCT.

Harnessing Nano-Release Technology For Rapid Testosterone Production!
Technology is the driving force behind all things successful. Restoring normal hormonal balance, as quickly as possible, is absolutely critical for maintaining the lean muscle and strength gained while on cycle. The power of Advanced PCT has been dramatically amplified by utilizing, for the first time ever, the World’s most cutting-edge technology available today - Nano-Release Technology. By harnessing the power of Nano-Release Technology, an extremely precise portion of the ingredients are ground and blasted into tiny nano particles, and are then strategically arranged into multiple time-release layers for superior absorption. During post cycle therapy, time is muscle, as the more time your testosterone levels remain suppressed, the more muscle and strength you stand to lose.

Complete Testosterone Enhancement
If you’ve ever run a pro-hormone cycle before, or if you’re new to the concept, post cycle therapy seems pretty straightforward. The common post-cycle advice is to jack up natural testosterone levels by squashing estrogen production. This fails to recognize that hormone levels are in a very dynamic balance, regulated by complex mechanisms, and that every change in hormone status has an inverse, and sometimes drastic, reaction(1). Advanced PCT was designed by looking at the complete picture of the body’s reaction at the end of a hormonal, muscle building cycle. When designing Advanced PCT, the goal was to create a product that greatly assists the body in returning to its self-regulating, delicate hormonal balance, while eliminating muscle loss, and estrogen related side effects.

When you take any externally supplied hormone, it will cause a positive imbalance of your body’s natural hormones while on cycle and a negative imbalance when transitioning off cycle. To understand how important and absolutely necessary PCT is to any hormonal cycle, we need to briefly understand what happens in the body while on cycle. The purpose in taking any pro-hormone is to cause protein synthesis by directly activating androgen receptors. Testosterone is the natural key to unlocking these powerful receptors, but other synthetic or naturally occurring compounds have been found to do this quite successfully as well. Most work by either directly converting to testosterone, or are chemically very similar to testosterone in structure, which means they also participate in the body’s natural self regulation of testosterone production (2).

Self regulation? Yes, the body produces various hormones (testosterone activators) (3), that cause testosterone to be secreted, while at the same time, the testosterone itself, stops or slows the production of these hormones(4). The end result is a perfect balance of testosterone levels. So when we introduce an external testosterone or testosterone equivalent, those activators stop producing for awhile, thus significantly reducing natural testosterone secretion(5). In reality, when you end your cycle, what your body immediately needs is to quickly start producing these testosterone activators more than anything, because they control the release of testosterone. They are the gatekeepers, but this is only part of the equation.

"Anabolic Xtreme’s Advanced PCT is the only product that focuses on the whole picture to avoid the many potential negative reactions that can occur, and will get you back to normal safely, and quickly."

Hormone levels want to be in a precise balance, which includes the testosterone /estrogen balance. Many companies claim that their products cannot aromatize, thus leading you to a conclusion that you do not need to worry about estrogen. However, the body wants to be in balance, and when the testosterone levels skyrocket while on-cycle, you must recognize that your body reacts to create balance by increasing natural estrogen production(6). Excess estrogen can interrupt the production of testosterone and cause unwanted effects in healthy males(7). Again, the key is balance and your body needs some estrogen. Many commonly used post cycle products work by completely eradicating estrogen from the body. This is far from supporting the delicate balance in the body. Anabolic Xtreme's Advanced PCT is the only product that focuses on the whole picture to avoid the many potential negative reactions that can occur, and will get you back to normal safely, and quickly.

Cordyceps Extract - This powerful extract has been demonstrated to increase LH which is one of the testosterone activators that is directly related to secretion of testosterone from the testes (8) . It has traditionally been used for the enhancement on sexual performance in China for many centuries, which means that your libido gets a boost as well. Our extract is one of a kind and very potent, containing almost three times more active constituents than the widely used (7% active) commercial extract!

L-Histidine To compliment the increase of LH production from the Cordyceps, this compound acts to increase the responsiveness of the Leydig cells which use the LH to produce testosterone. These two components work together to jumpstart the Testosterone Feedback Loop back into production and finding your body's delicate balance. L-Histadine is a direct precursor to histamine (9) which is an important component in the production of the testosterone activators and has been shown to increase the responsiveness of Leydig cells. (*note - anti-histamines, commonly used for seasonal allergy and illness, lower testosterone levels by an inverse mechanism and should be avoided during PCT when possible.)

Grape Seed Extract The first of a two-pronged approach to controlling estrogen. Grape seeds contain Procyanidin Dimmers which act to slow the mechanism of the conversion process10 of androgens to estrogen (aromatization). Control, not eradication of estrogen, is important when coming off a cycle and this grape seed extract will slow the process down to normal levels. The grape seed extract works synergistically with the 6-Bromodione to normalize estrogen levels. The extract that we use is very potent and contains not less than 95% PCO content! Grape Seed is also a fantastic anti-oxidant, almost 30x more effective than vitamin C.

1.This is known as the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular Axis (HPTA). The HPTA manages the relationship between the glands responsible for the production of testosterone.
2.The HPTA process causes hormones to reach a state of homeostasis which is the ability or tendency of an organism or cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes.
3.Gonadatropin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) directly affect the release of Luetenizing Hormone (LH) which increases cholesterol desmolase activity (an enzyme associated with the conversion of cholesterol to pregnenolone), leading to testosterone synthesis secretion by Leydig cells and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) which increases the response of Leydig cells to LH by increasing the number of LH receptors expressed on Leydig cells.
4.The release of GnRH is regulated by testosterone levels in the body. Because it indirectly affects the secretion of testosterone, there is a self-regulating feedback loop. The introduction of external androgens or synthetic testosterones can interrupt this loop, commonly referred to as the Negative Feedback Loop.
5.The male body responds to an increase in androgens (testosterone or synthetic derivatives) by increasing the production of aromatase enzymes, which convert androgens to estrogen.
6.Estrogen causes changes in the activities of enzymes within the Leydig cells, negatively impacting testosterone production and response to gonadotropins. Excess Estrogen levels in males have been shown to cause gynecomastia.
7.Cordyceps significantly induces plasma testosterone levels by its stimulatory effects on steroidogenesis in Leydig cells. Cordyceps enhances the cAMP-PKA pathway to positively influence testicular steroidogenesis.

As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule three (3) times daily. Each one (1) capsule serving should be spread evenly throughout the day.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size = 1 cap
Servings per Container: 90
Per Serving:

7-Methoxyflavone: 50mg
Cordyceps sinensis concentrate (Standardized to 20% Polysaccarides) - 400mg
L-Histidine HCl – 100mg
Grape Seed Extract (Standardized to 95% Procyanidolic oligomers) - 50mg

Other Ingredients: Gelatin (capsule) and Rice Filler.

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