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Elite Ice, Fire & Power Stack

Blackstone Labs Elite Ice, Fire & Power Supplement Andro Stack
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1 x Gear Support
1 x Eradicate
1 x AbNORmaL
1 x PCT V
1 x Chosen1 (1-DHEA)
1 x Brutal 4ce (4-DHEA)
Total Stack Price: $241.75
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Gear Support
Complete 'On Cycle and Post Cycle™ Pro Hormone and Designer Steroid Support Protects the Liver & Major Organs Improves Cholesterol and Lipid Profiles Decreases Blood Pressure & Increases Blood Circulation Prostate Support Introducing Red Clover Extract, this highly potent plant extract will not only help improve liver health, but has an array of other clinically proven health benefits. Everyone: bodybuilders, athletes, and even your average Joe™s need to be taking Red Clover Extract. It obviously helps bodybuilder™s and guys who train hard, but who wouldn™t want to have an extra insurance policy on your health? Find this key ingredient and several others in our new product, Gear Support. Pick up a bottle of Gear Support and like every other Blackstone Labs product, try and find something you don™t love about it. Ingredients in Gear Support: Red Clover Extract “ Red clover is a wild plant belonging to the legume family. Cattle and other animals graze on red clover. It has been used medicinally to treat a number of conditions including cancer, whooping cough, respiratory problems, and skin inflammations, such as psoriasis and eczema, high cholesterol, and indigestion. Health care practitioners also believe that red clover purifies the blood by acting as a diuretic and helps clear lungs of mucous, improving blood circulation, and helping cleanse the liver. NAC (N-Acetylcysteine)“ NAC is an antioxidant derived from the amino acid L-Cysteine. It has several beneficial attributes, but for our uses it will help to eliminate free radicals, neutralize toxins such as mercury. It will prevent damage to the liver and has also been shown to support lung and bronchial health and immune system function. Hawthorne Berry “ It is a highly recognized herb for the heart and cardiovascular system. Hawthorne Berry has the ability to dilate (enlarge or open) the coronary arteries (the vessels that supply blood to the heart), thus improving blood and oxygen supply to the heart muscle. It also strengthens the heart™s pumping ability, helping to beat more forcefully and efficiently. In addition, hawthorne appears to dilate the highways of other blood vessels around the body allowing blood to circulate more freely with less strain on the heart. Another benefit of hawthorne berry is that it harbors potent antioxidant properties, which are believed to exert cholesterol lowering effects and reduce the accumulation of fatty plague in the arteries “ the hallmark of heart disease. Saw Palmetto “ Saw Palmetto is used for over the counter means to help men treat enlargement of the prostate. Its main action is to help prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) “ Boosts energy, enhances the immune system, and acts as an antioxidant. Clinical research suggests that using coenzyme Q10 supplements may help treat: Heart disease, High blood pressure and High cholesterol. Researchers believe that the beneficial effect of CoQ10 in the prevention and treatment of heart disease is due to its ability to improve energy production in cells, inhibit blood clot formation, and act as an antioxidant. Clinical studies have also shown it to reduce blood pressure. Celery Seed Extract “ 3nB is the active compound that is unique to celery. Research has shown that celery has positive effects on blood pressure and the relief of arthritis. 3nB appears to help lower blood pressure by both acting as a diuretic and vasodilator through impacting the production of prostaglandins as well as acting in a similar manner to drugs known as calcium-channel blockers. 3nB has also been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce the formation of arterial plaque. This effect may increase the elasticity of the blood vessels and also lead to lower blood pressure readings. Grape Seed Extract “ This natural plant substance has a concentrated source of the antioxidant oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC). Grape Seed Extract has been shown to protect cells from free radical damage and to also promote healthy circulation. It is rich in polyphenols, a compound that™s high in antioxidants. Studies have shown OPC to be more powerful antioxidants than vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene.
Eradicate Estrogen Reducer

Have you been working on your fitness goals with no results? Your estrogen levels may be at fault. Estrogen is known for promoting water retention and bloating, which is only keeping you further away for getting ripped. Introducing, Eradicate by Blackstone Labs, the one-and-only aromatase inhibitor (AI) dietary supplement to help you achieve lean, defined, and fuller muscles.

Formulated with arimistane, Eradicate by Blackstone labs is the ultimate estrogen blocker. After using it, you’re left with higher testosterone levels, boosted libido, increased muscle hardness, reduced body fat, and you will also cut down on water retention. Tied in with N-Acetyl and L-Cysteine, cholorophytum borivilanium extract, and 25 mg of pure arimistane. Altogether, you get the ultimate key ingredient to make sure your diet and training efforts are paying off the way they should.

Eradicate is designed to eliminate unwanted side effects common with other prohormone supplements. Get lean, dry, and hard muscle gains faster and better than ever. Control your estrogen levels, and don’t let hormones get in the way of achieving lean, defined, and voluminous muscles.

Benefits of Eradicate

  • Increases muscle hardness
  • Enhances sex drive
  • Promotes testosterone levels
  • Increases vascularity
  • Controls estrogen
  • Reduces cortisol
  • Cuts water retention
  • Shreds body fat

How to Use Eradicate by Blackstone Labs

Take 1 capsule, 1-3 times per day, with food. Use Eradicate in an 8-weeks ON, 4-weeks OFF cycle. Combine with PCT for better results.

NON-METHYLATED19-NorDHEA, the precursor to 19-Norandrostenediol. 95% Rate of Bioavailability.Abnormal. Nothing that we do over at at Blackstone Labs is normal, a notion that our company is founded on. We know that when it comes to bodybuilding, our loyal fanbase is anything but normal as well. We know how hard you crush it at the gym, going full on Hulk-mode, super saiyan levels of ferocity and intensity. Your body should reflect this. You deserve to look like a superhero, and we™ve got the tools to help you get there.We™ve tried liposomes before, and they™ve worked out beautifully. And rightly so, having been utilized medically as the most efficient means to deliver medicine for years. We™re at it again, leaping miles ahead of the game through the innovation that we™re known for.Liposomal technology has long been used in the medical field as a carrier for drugs, but only now has this innovation made its way into nutrition supplements. This new direction and employment of liposome science is in part due to the low absorption and bioavailability rates of older, oral dietary and nutritional tablets and capsules. The low oral bioavailability and absorption of many nutrients is clinically well-documented. Being a hydrophobic (fat-soluble) molecule, traditionally it has been difficult to effectively get into the blood, which is hydrophilic(water-soluble). Therefore, the natural encapsulation of hydrophobic nutrients within liposomes has made for a very effective method of bypassing the destructive elements of the gastric system and aiding delivery to the cells. Liposomes have a hydrophobic core with a hydrophilic shell, which simultaneously protects the molecule from degradation, while allowing it be more soluble to get into the bloodstream. This is truly breakthrough delivery technology that sets Abnormal apart from other products on the market.We have taken our time-tested, unique precursor formula and applied it to 19-NorDHEA, the precursor to 19-Norandrostenediol. Through this channel, Abnormal will deliver that good to your body at a 95% rate of bioavailability, making sure that almost none of this gets wasted. Treat yourself!Norandrostenediol is the realest deal when it comes to anabolics, boasting a potent 6:1 androgenic ratio. This means that Norandrostenediol is 6 times more anabolic than testosterone, 6 times the level of muscle-building goodness, 6 times the unbound mutant growth you want so badly.Normally, products like this have very time-sensitive windows in which to be taken. For us, though, we are not afraid to deviate from the norm, which is why we have spent countless hours researching and developing our signature ester delivery system. This allows for sustained release of 19-NorDHEA, throughout your entire cycle. We added these esters to the molecule as a means to control its release. This eliminates the need to manually dose over the course of the day on a rigid, unyielding time table. No more alarms, no more wasted potential lost to missing dosage windows. Just simply take one at some time in the morning, and then again at some point in the evening. Did we also mention that Abnormal, like its cousins Brutal 4ce and Chosen1, is NON-METHYLATED. This means that it is NO WAY toxic to your liver, unlike other similar products in the past and can be cycle for up to 8 weeks safely!We also very strongly recommend taking a PCT when using products like these, so go ahead and take a look at our own PCTV.
THE NEXT EVOLUTION OF POST CYCLE THERAPY Naturally Boosts Testosterone & Reduces Estrogen Improves Energy, Libido & Mood Reduces Bodyfat & Promotes Lean Mass Gains Plant Based Cortisol & DHT Blocking Formula Supports Kidney, Liver & Prostate Function Since its inception in 2012, Blackstone Labs has strived for nothing short of extraordinary with each release of its ground breaking supplements. PCT4 was the ultimate Post Cycle Therapy product for our users who were looking to regain homeostasis after various cycles - especially those that can cause testosterone suppression. With testosterone suppression comes an onslaught of negative sides, and the 4 key ingredients of PCT4 combatted them in 4 distinct ways. However, there was a void in the defense of PCT4 that has been recently discovered. Enter the new and improved PCT5. PCT5 defends and protects your body in 5 distinct ways; so now even more then ever you can be confident that you will not only bounce back after a cycle, but actually improve and be even better then ever. In fact PCT5 can be used by natural competitors looking for an anabolic edge! SO WHAT ARE THE WAYS PCT5 WORKS? TheTribulus Terrestris increases the production of LH to help Natural Production of Testosterone. Saw Palmetto extract will help prevent DHT conversion protecting the prostate and also reducing the risk of hair loss. NAC- N-Acetyl Cysteine one of the new ingredients will increase the bodies production of natural antioxidant Glutathione helping the cells ability to fight damage from reactive oxygen species (ROS) Glutathione is arguably the most potent and important antioxidant, depletion of Glutathione can lead to liver failure. Alpha Hydroxy Laxogen the other new ingredient has been shown to have anti catabolic effects by increasing Nitrogen Retention and Blunting Coritsol. Eradicate akaAndrost 3, 5- dien-7, 17-dione is the estrogen antagonist that helps keep the excess estrogen in check after hormone levels are skewed. An excess of estrogen leads to water and fat retention, mood swings, lack of sex drive and low energy. PCT5 is the latest in groundbreaking products form Blackstone Labs, we are proud to keep staying ahead of the curve as well as our competitors to ensure your the best results!
Chosen1 Muscle Building Supplement

Unleash the power of Chosen1 by Blackstone Labs, the one-and-only pro-anabolic precursor that will bring in the fire to help you burn stubborn fat faster than ever. If you’re a serious athlete looking for dry, clean, and defined muscle gains, Chosen1 is your go-to supplement. A daily power-up to your workouts that gets you the muscle definition you work intensely for every day while prohibiting fat gain and water retention.

It is formulated with a proprietary 2-step enzymatic conversion system. Chosen1 by Blackstone Labs transforms pure 1-DHEA into 1-testosterone. In return? You get increased muscle mass, unmatched strength, explosive aggression at the gym. All to enjoy the muscle definition you work so hard to achieve at the gym.

Chosen1 is 100% legal, does not hurt your liver and is designed to help serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts get unbelievable dry, lean gains. Sometimes known as the fire supplement, Chosen1 by Blackstone Labs will fire up your core, raise your temperatures, and kick off the fat burning process to help you achieve your muscle goals.

1-DHEA Benefits

  • Supports protein synthesis
  • Improves muscle definition
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Promotes unmatched aggression
  • Prevents bloating and water retention

How to Use Chosen1 1-DHEA

Chosen1 (1-DHEA) by Blackstone Labs is formulated to work as a daily supplement. Take 1 tablet 2 times per day. Ideal schedule is one in the morning and the second one in the evening. Chosen1 is formulated to be a 4-8 weeks cycle supplement.

Brutal 4ce Bulking Supplement

Forget about long training sessions with no results. Brutal 4ce by Blackstone Labs formulated with premium 4-DHEA is designed to deliver fast, measurable, and noticeable results to help you increase your size faster than ever. Supplement your workout routine and your diet regimen with Brutal 4ce and unlock leaner muscles, skyrocket testosterone levels, and power your resting metabolic rate.

Formulated with an exclusive 2-step controlled release formula to make sure your body gradually reaches the ultimate anabolic state – and stays there. Brutal 4ce works with a 2-step enzymatic conversion process that converts 4-DHEA into androstenediol and androstenedione first, and then converts directly into 1-testosterone, using liposomal technology Brutal 4ce ensures the 4-DHEA your body receives is 99% bioavailable so you can improve your bodybuilding game and fully enjoy the benefits of this supplement.

The ultimate supplement for serious bodybuilders looking to increase their lean muscle mass and bulk up faster, without sacrificing their health with illegal substances.

Brutal 4ce Benefits

With controlled release technology, Brutal 4ce maintains your body in a constant anabolic state without crashing it. A complete supplement program to increase your gains that lasts four to eight weeks, where you’ll notice:

  • Increased Nitrogen retention
  • Boosted libido
  • Increased muscle density
  • Increased strength
  • Improved resting metabolic rate
  • Increased protein synthesis
  • Reduced body fat
  • Improved overall mood
  • Improved erection quality

How to Use Brutal 4ce 4-DHEA

Take 2 tablets per day, one in the morning, and the second one in the evening. Maintain the supplement regimen for 4-8 weeks. Follow with Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) for best results.