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*Mass Stack

*Mass Stack


Size : 3pc Stack
SKU :3902

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  • Jordan
    Great Deal May 4, 2016

    You cant beat the price of this stack! All 4 products are very good. I have always had NO-Xplode but stacking it with cell mass and nitrix really gives you the energy needed for a great morning workout. Also I feel like I am recovering much faster. Nitrix really gives me the pump for the majority of the day. Overall, it's a great stack and I recommend it.

  • ryan
    get this stack!! April 3, 2015

    I recently hit a plateau and ordered this stack to bust out. i gained 15 lbs in a little over 5 weeks and my strength went through the roof -40 lbs on bench, 50 lbs on squat, 50 lbs on deadlift. Allowed for quick recovery times and sick pumps. solid gains too no bloat. definitely recommend. the cellmass mixes easily with 6-8 oz of water. when mixing NO Xplode, use room temp water and at least 8 oz, i use 10-12 per scoop. it mixes much easier and reduces the fizz. this is a great value.

2 Item(s)

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