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True Mass Hardgainer Stack

BSN True Mass Hardgainer stack for weight lifting
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1 x Cell Mass 2.0 (50 servings)
1 x N.O. Xplode (60 servings)
1 x True Mass (5.75lb)
1 x True Mass (5.75lb)
Total Stack Price: $152.00
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Cell Mass 2.0

WHERE MASS AND RECOVERY BEGIN Advanced Strength. Concentrated Post-Workout Recovery. CELLMASS® 2.0 is a concentrated post-workout recovery agent that helps promote recovery, endurance, strength and overall performance. When taken as directed, CELLMASS® 2.0's formula delivers5g of creatine, 3g of glutamine and glutamic acid, and 10g of amino acids per day, along with taurine and hydrolyzed whey protein, all designed to help kick-start the recovery process after a workout. Athletes who are adequately recovered from an intense training session are better prepared to excel in the following day's workout. Post workout, muscles are in a state of heightened stress and are working to recover and rebuild the damaged tissue, helping to pave the way for muscle protein synthesis, strength and athletic performance. CELLMASS® 2.0 is a versatile recovery product that can be stacked with your post-workout protein shakes or mixed directly into cold water. The refreshing fruit flavors are designed to complement BSN®™s chocolate or vanilla protein powders and also taste great as a standalone supplement.

NO Xplode

THE ORIGINAL PRE-WORK IGNITER. JUST GOT BETTER. 275mg of caffeine, 1.8g of Beta-Alanine, and unrivaled focus. Get ready to slam plates longer and workout harder. BSN® has re-ignited N.O.-XPLODE®, the first complete pre-workout that launched in 2004 and has been helping athletes break through barriers ever since. Now with more energy, more feel, more focus, and amazing taste. The weights won™t know what hit them. HOW WILL N.O.-XPLODE® ENHANCE MY WORKOUT? N.O.-XPLODE® is a pre-training igniter designed for athletes of all levels to help maximize workout performance. To achieve the most effective training session, both mental and physical energy are a must. Focus is then needed to harness this energy and drive a strong mind-muscle connection. This mind-muscle connection will help you achieve a greater workout intensity, enhanced strength*, and will help you push your body past previous limits. A complete pre-workout supplement should support all of these benefits. N.O.-XPLODE® was designed with advanced ingredient technology to help deliver increased energy and endurance, support mental focus and muscular strength*, and provide second-to-none intensity and performance. ADVANCED INGREDIENT TECHNOLOGY BSN® has enhanced N.O.-XPLODE® to provide the formula you need to take your workout to new levels. EXPLOSIVE ENERGY Now with 275mg of caffeine, N.O.-XPLODE® will give you the energy and focus needed to help maximize every minute of your workout. BSN has enhanced the Thermic Energy blend so you can push your workout intensity to new levels. MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE Muscular strength, power and endurance are supported by creatine in the body. The innovative ingredient technology of our Myogenic Matrix„, featuring an advanced creatine blend, helps every athlete reach their goal of maximizing performance. ENHANCED ENDURANCE Whether you're slammin' weights in the gym or killin' it on the field, the Endura Shot„ blend, now with 1.8g of Beta-Alanine, will help you go longer and harder than before. AMAZING TASTE Effective product and amazing taste? That™s BSN. You can try N.O.-XPLODE® in 5 delicious flavors: Fruit Punch, Blue Raz, Watermelon, Grape and Green Apple.

True Mass

Discover the decadent flavor of True-Mass, the ultra-premium protein/carb matrix supplement by BSN. Designed for the athlete with above-normal caloric needs, or anyone that has difficulty reaching their calorie-intake goals for the day. True-Mass packs 700 calories, 46 grams of protein, 20 grams of naturally occurring EAAs, 10 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs, and 6 grams of fine dietary fiber. The exclusive formula of True-Mass makes it the ideal nutritional supplement for those looking to sustain their active lifestyle, meet their calorie-intake per day, and reach their fitness and health goals.

A formula designed to offer you sustained release with bioactive protein, avoiding a crash. The 2:1 ratio of carbs and protein makes it the ultimate supplement for post-workout recovery, between meals, or before bedtime. The addition of healthy fats lets you tap into a resourceful pool of energy to keep you fueled so that you can take on the most intense training session ever.

For the athlete looking to obtain serious gains, True-Mass by BSN is the one-and-only protein supplement that packs the right amount of calories to help you reach your goals. Available in four rich, delicious flavors, featuring our unique flavor-technology to offer you an explosion of flavor, enjoy it in: chocolate milkshake, cookies and cream, vanilla, and strawberry.

True Mass Benefits

  • Promotes muscle strength and size
  • Improves muscle recovery
  • Boosts workout performance

How to Use True Mass by BSN

Take 2-3 servings (3 scoops each) per day, or as needed to meet your calorie-intake goals.