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No-Joke Strong * The Ultimate Mass Gainer & Prohormone
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Size :30 tabs
Servings :30
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Halodrol is no-joke strong.  Make no mistake, this is no beginner’s supplement – it’s an advanced-level muscle builder for those who are ready to take their gains to the next step.  

Gaspari Nutrition® changed the supplement industry forever when it released HALODROL-50™, a potent anabolic that was legal only due to legislative loopholes that have since been closed by government agencies. While many believed the days of prohormones were gone forever, Gaspari Nutrition® is here to say…THEY’RE BACK! 

HALODROL™ is the ultimate mass gainer and prohormone: 

• 4 Potent Prohrmones
• Converts to 1-Testosterone, 200% as anabolic as natural Testosterone!
• Increases Protein Synthesis for RAPID Gains
• Dual Phase Delivery System for Unparalleled Bioavailability & Avsorption

HALODROL™ is back and it’s better than ever! While many will tell you prohormones are banned, the truth is that Gaspari Nutrition® has been working diligently with leading endocrinologists to develop & patent the most powerful hormonal agents ever found in nature…and they’re 100% LEGAL!

HALODROL™ provides it’s intensely anabolic effects thanks to the structural alterations made to the steroid known as Dehydroepiandrosterone. Each tablet of HALODROL™ includes multiple variations of this powerful steroid which allows it to maximize every muscle building & strength increasing pathway possible.

Ask any serious bodybuilder what they should use in their next hormonal cycle, and they’ll respond with “Test is best!” which is why HALODROL™ provides two powerful prohormones which convert into PURE Testosterone. Testosterone is what makes men, MEN, and the more you have of it circulating through your body, the larger and more powerful you will become.

The same hardcore guys who know the power of Testosterone will also tell you that there are compounds available which are even more anabolic or muscle building, and should be stacked with it to maximize results. HALODROL™ employs the use of 1-androstene-3b-ol, 17-one for this very reason. Very few dietary supplements have been subjected to a clinical study. However, this active prohormone 1-androstene-3b-ol-17-one was the subject of a clinical study at West Texas A&M University, the California Baptist University and the University of Texas at Austin. The results showed 1-androstene-3b-ol-17-one to be significantly more powerful than it would appear structurally. The 9 males gained an average lean mass of 10.4 lbs and an increase in strength of 92.2 lbs in total load on bench/squat/deadlift. In the body, this compound converts to what is known as “1-Testosterone” or more accurately as “Dihydroboldenone”. 1-Testosterone is coveted in the bodybuilding community due to the fact that it is 200% more anabolic than pure Testosterone, allowing for never-before-seen gains in muscle size and volume.

To round out the complete hormonal cycle that HALODROL™ offers, an extremely rare hormone known as “Androsterone” is included. This compound is anabolically active on its own, which means that it offers two phases of muscle & strength enhancement. First, it reaches the blood stream and activates Androgen Receptors to initiate muscle building gene expression, and then it converts into the extremely androgenic compound known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the key driving force behind strength & muscle hardness while simultaneously working to drive estrogen levels into the ground. This means HUGE strength gains coupled with the leanest & dry gains of your life.

If you used and remember the power of prohormones, or you’re looking to experience the insane muscle growth they offer for the very first time there is NOTHING stronger than HALODROL™.

As a dietary supplement, take 1 tablet 30 minutes prior to training. On non-training days, take 1 tablet in the morning or afternoon. Do not exceed 2 per day.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 tablet        Servings Per Container: 30

                                  Amount Per Serving              % Daily Value

Proprietary Anabolic Blend                       250mg*                              *

  1-androstene-3b-ol, 17-one, 4-androstene-3b-ol,17-one,

  Androsterone, Androstenolone Acetate, Rhaponticum

  carthamoides 100:1 Extract (Root)

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


  Microcrystalline Cellulose, Phosphatidylcholine 75%,

  Hydroxypropyl Beta cyclodextrin, Phytosterols, Magnesium

  Stearate, Silica, FD&C Blue #2, FD&C Yellow #5

Customer Reviews

  • JohnJamesJoseph
    Fantastic Product! April 27, 2018

    This works! I've purchased this product a couple of times and it really gives me the edge I need. It does help to build muscle. Only problem is that it flies off of the shelf and I am waiting for it to be in stock. Patience. I will wait and buy it when I see it back on the shelf. Top notch product!

  • Stephen
    Great results July 20, 2017

    I used one box of Halodrol and I have seen increases in weight, muscle size, definition, and strength. I would highly recommend this product.

  • Abngrunt
    Not Halodrol-50, but very good November 19, 2016

    Give the current environment in which PH have to be developed to meet ban requirements, this product really stands out. I can only speak for myself, when I started a 209lbs, and just finish the cycle I'm at 228lbs...and strong as hell. Stack it with good BCAA, Protein, and a solid creatine...and you'll put on the pounds and add substancial strength

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