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Fast Mass Stack

GAT sports Fast Mass Stack for muscle building
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1 x JETFUSE (30 servings)
1 x JETMASS (30 servings)
Total Stack Price: $52.25
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Complete Pre-Workout Formula with Creatine & Beta-Alanine to Support Energy Promote Size, Strength, Recovery, And Focus All In One! A comprehensive Pre-Workout formula with lower stims. Intensify your pumps and experience smooth, focused energy from the time you walk into the gym until your workout ends with GAT's JetFuse Pre-Workout. JETFUSE is a complete, hard-hitting pre-workout with clinically studied ingredients proven to increase strength, size, muscle endurance and recovery. Contains premium grade Creapure® Creatine monohydrate which boosts energy production in muscle cells and can improve muscle performance for intensive training. Formula Advantages: Supports lasting muscle pumps, muscle size, and stamina. Not over-stimulating. Produces a smooth, focused energy feeling. Contains 150mg Caffeine. Helps optimize muscle anabolism with 'critical cluster' amino acids: Glutamine, Arginine, and BCAAs. Beta-Alanine and Citrulline to support training performance and exercise endurance.


Fast-Acting Creatine Muscle Volumizer Supports recovery from resistance exercise for hard training athletes and promotes exercise-induced gains in lean muscle mass, strength and performance. JETMASS„ has an ingredient foundation of Creatine, L-Glutamine and BCAAs to support muscle volumization (noticeable as a 'pumped' sensation), increase mass, and improve training performance. Formula Advantages: Replenishes Muscle Nutrients for Faster Growth Contains Glutamine plus BCAAs to support muscle anabolism and recovery Contains electrolytes and pH buffers to combat DOMS Contains Waxy Maize “ fast-acting glycogen loader carbohydrate 5g Creapure Creatine Monohydrate