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Vitargo S2

Vitargo S2

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Fastest Muscle Fuel for Refueling & Muscle Recovery
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Servings :25
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Fastest Muscle Fuel for Refueling & Muscle Recovery

Better Endurance!

Fast Absorbing For Muscle Recovery And Refueling 
Vitargo® S2 is the original super carb, suggested in university studies in humans to be up to 2.3x faster than maltodextrin (homopolysaccharide). Vitargo’s patented IVg technology delivers faster gut transit, glycemic and insulin responses, muscle glycogen refueling, and performance.  No other carb has this span of evidence. Vitargo S2 is 100% sugar-free, lab tested gluten-free, and certified undetectable banned substances.

Vitargo® S2™ is a patented, engineered starch, a sugar-free carbohydrate for fueling (before and during) and recovery (after) for any intense training or competition. Vitargo S2 is virtually bloat-proof, produces a 2x faster glycemic (blood sugar) rise, and promotes 1.7x faster muscle carbohydrate (glycogen) and performance recovery (no other starch product has this evidence, especially waxy maize or special "homopolysaccharides").

Vitargo S2 can be made into a drink, a gel/pudding, or frozen, and can be mixed with any other low to zero carb nutrition product (especially pre-workout and protein products). Each batch of Vitargo S2 is certified free of banned substances by the only lab that is WADA experienced in North America, . GENr8™, Proof Before Promises™.

  • Leaves the stomach quicker 2.3x faster than maltodextrin + sugars - in the first 10 minutes after ingestion.1   This leads to less stomach “distress” and faster absorbing muscle energy.
  • Gets into muscle faster 1.7x faster glycogen re/fueling than maltodextrin + sugars after intense, exhaustive workouts.2
  • Boosts performance in your next workout Up to 23% greater maximal endurance (average of 10% greater) 2 hours after exhaustive, glycogen-depleting exercise, compared to maltodextrin + sugars.3
  • Turns off muscle protein breakdown 1.8x faster/higher insulin response than maltodextrin + sugars, within 10 minutes3 - the most potent, natural way to activate the anti-catabolic signals that spare muscle protein.
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VITARGO-Specific Research — this actual product is university proven in HUMANS.  Proof Before Promises!

Leiper JB, et al. Improved gastric emptying rate in humans of a unique glucose polymer with gel-forming properties. Scand J Gastroenterol 2000; 35:1143-9
Aulin KP, et al. Muscle glycogen resynthesis rate in humans after supplementation of drinks containing carbohydrates with low and high molecular masses. Eur J Appl Physiol 2000; 81:346-51.
Stephens FB, et al. Post-exercise ingestion of a unique, high molecular weight glucose polymer solution improves performance during a subsequent bout of cycling exercise. J Sports Sci 2008; 26:149-54.

Vitargo S2 is a different engineered carbohydrate – please follow directions closely: 

In a Shaker Bottle:
Add 10-12 oz. of water (room temp. is best) to a large shaker bottle. Add 2 level scoops of Vitargo® S2 and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds. Add an additional 10-12 oz. of cold water and shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds.

In a Blender:
For best results add 2 level scoops into a blender with water while it's blending at low-medium.

PRE- (before) or INTRA- (during) training or competition:
Mix 1 or 2 level scoops of Vitargo S2 as stated above. Feel free to add your favorite pre-workout, amino acid, electrolytes, or other non-carb supplement. Note that Vitargo is a fractionated STARCH and is thicker/more viscous than other powdered drinks.

POST- (after) training or competition, or for glycogen loading:
Drink 2 level scoops as soon as possible after finishing. Ideally, mix 20-25 grams of a protein source. After longer training/competition (>1-1.5 hrs) take another 1-2 scoops 30-90 minutes later.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 level scoops

                                                       Amount Per Serving         %DV*

Calories                                                               280

  Calories from Fat                                              0

Total Fat                                                               0g                               0%

Total Carbohydrate                                              70 g                            23%

Sugars                                                                  0g

Protein                                                                 0g                               0%

*Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


  Fractionated barley amylopectin (Vitargo® S2)

  [Source: Europe], natural flavor, citric acid, natural color

  [grapeskin], sucralose.

GLUTEN-FREE (via ELISA testing)

Manufactured in the USA at a cGMP facility.

Samples from each batch of Vitargo® S2 multi-serving tubs are

analyzed for substances banned by sport. For more details,


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