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Grenade Grenade Shaker Cup 2 in 1


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Grenade Shaker Cup 2 in 1

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Official Grenade Shaker BPA / DEHP Free Microwave, Dishwasher... Show more
Official Grenade Shaker BPA / DEHP Free Microwave, Dishwasher & Freezer Safe Convenient capsule/powder storage section in the cap 20oz Capacity Get rid of spare, now useless protein containers “ now it's time for Grenade Shake!! This is no ordinary shaker!. With its distinctive Grenade ® branding and patented design, it makes a statement! It has a removable storage compartment for powders which can fit a scoop and approx. 3 full servings of Grenade ® Hydra 6 „ protein and a convenient capsule storage section in the cap! Why is it so special? Grenade Shake is the solution, with which you will be able to fit all needed supplements and powders in just one shaker. It's possible, thanks to additional two containers. One of them “ equipped in special compartments is designed to store tablets and capsules, the second one is designed to carry additional portion of protein, gainer powder, creatine or BCAA in powder.Grenade Shake will help you get ready with your supplements right after the training, to fit your anabolic window. Your capsiles will easily fit there, together with additional portion of your favourite powder. But you're the one, who decide about the size and number of compartments. In case you'd need extra space for powders, just remove compartment from bottom container. Time of carrying various tubs or boxes with different supplements is finally over “ now, you just only need one Grenade Shake, where you'll fit all needed supplements. Thanks to the Anti-Leak technology, you're able to prepare hot as well as cold drinks, without the risk of destroying your shaker. New, revolutionary concave hexagon strainer eliminates powder lumps and gives your drinks a perfect viscosity. The shaker holds up to 700 ml up to the edge, enough to prepare all kinds of servings before or after training.Show less


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1 × 1 × 1 in

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