19.25mg Deer Velvet Antler & 25mg Tribulus Terrestris per serving

19.25mg Deer Antler per serving

 The extremely high concentration of Growth Factors found in Pure IGF ULTIMATE supports the body in all areas of muscle recovery and regeneration.


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Best-selling product HGH Up + “4” additional complexes.

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Applied Nutriceuticals introduces HG4UP™ which helps support human growth hormone and helps maximize recovery. HG4UP™ helps enhance sleep, strength and lean muscle.

You don’t have to max out every time you hit the gym, but you do need to maximize what you put into your body every day to reach your power potential and your strength gains. HG4Up™ is a potent new Enteric GHRH-Mediated Growth Hormone releaser from Applied Nutriceuticals that supports an increase in growth hormone levels, which helps maximize deep, restful sleep. Reinvigorated sleep from HG4Up™ helps stimulate new muscle growth for amplified endurance and strength gains, and it will also increase muscle size and hardness.

We took our best-selling product HGH Up and made it more effective with the combination of “3” complexes: 

• Somatophasic EX Terafusion
• P2Y2 Nootropil Composite
• Meta-Factorial Anti-DC Composite

Somatophasic EX Terafusion: 

L-Dopa (from Mucuna pruriens)
L-Dopa has been shown to increase levels of growth hormone in human subjects in an orally viable manner. L-Dopa is most effective when the conversion of L-Dopa to dopamine is mediated by a decarboxylase inhibitor (EGCG). L-Dopa and Dopamine have also been shown to inhibit prolactin, a compound that suppresses male testosterone production(24-28). 

Mucuna Pruriens & Chlorophytum Borivillanum
The combination of Mucuna and Chlorophytum has been shown by a recent human study to increase Growth Hormone levels(29). 

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 can inhibit prolactin and increase the night-time peak of Growth Hormone, while at the same time increasing the rise in Growth Hormone associated
with exercise by 23%(30-31).

P2Y2 Nootropil Composite: 

Uridine is a purine nucleotide base found in multiple natural sources. It is a potent activator of purinergic receptors (mainly PY2) and is associated with increased brain phosphocholine levels. P2Y receptors are closely associated with growth factor production, blood flow, and anabolic signaling(8-13). 

Choline is a molecule that is used in methylation and the production of acetylcholine. Studies have shown a synergism between uridine and choline in the production of phosphocholine and CDP-Choline in the brain. Increases in brain CDP-Choline are associated with amplification in the effectiveness of trophic hormones such as
Growth Hormone(18-20). 

HG4Up™ contains Huperzine-A, an acetylcholine esterase (AChE) inhibitor. Acetylcholine esterase inhibitors have been shown in numerous scientific studies to inhibit somatostatin. By inhibiting somatostatin, overall mean serum GH increases. Somatostatin also inhibits Growth Hormone secretion indirectly via antagonizing Growth Hormone RH secretion and via inhibiting the secretion of ghrelin from the stomach(21-23). 

Meta-Factorial Anti-DC Composite: 

Green Tea Extract & EGCG
(−)-epigallocatechin-3-O-gallate (EGCG), which is found in high amounts in the green tea extract, has been shown in several studies to be an irreversible inhibitor of Dopa decarboxylase. EGCG has been shown to significantly increase the effects of Huperzine A on acetylcholine esterase inhibition by increasing the transport of
Hup-A by serum albumin(32-33). 

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Take 4 enteric capsules at bed time on an empty stomach or with a slow-releasing protein and 12 oz. of fluid. For best results, take HG4Up™ in a 5 days on/2 days off dosing format.


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  • Lindser-Ella
    Great sleep recovery March 31, 2015

    I love HG4 UP. It not only helped with muscle mass but it gives me some of the best night sleeps I have ever had. I dream so vividly and wake up feeling rejuvenated and rested for the day! Definitely a favorite for me!

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