*Dark Stack

*Dark Stack

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Intense Pre-workout and Growth Inducing Post-workout Combo


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Extreme Energy, Intensity and Focus--Blood Engorging Pumps and Vascularity

Highly Anabolic Muscle Growth and Cell Volumizing--Increased Muscle Strength and Endurance
Within seconds of drinking Dark Rage, psychotropic factors and ergogenic energizers kick in to elicit an intense feeling of heightened euphoria and focus. When you enter the gym, you will feel the adrenaline pulsing out of your adrenal glands as the euphoria turns into a feeling of intensity, aggression and rage. You grab that iron barbell with total confidence and command as you begin an animalistic assault on your body for the best workout of your life. From your very first rep, you will feel DARK RAGE's EPO Blood Doping Technology force more blood through your hemovascular nitric oxide induced garden hose veins. A surge of raw power is triggered by the most advanced creatine matrix and cell volumizers allowing you to lift more weight than ever before. Not only are you stronger, but your muscles are fueled and prepared to work harder and longer and fight through fatigue with beta-alanine and pH buffering co-factors so you can push yourself further. DARK RAGE isn't for everyone...it's for those who are prepared to experience something powerful, for those who are willing to push themselves to a place they have never been before and where few will ever travel…it's for those who are prepared to enter a state of extreme intensity, power and pumps known as a “DARK RAGE”!

DARK RAGE introduces a new pump inducing technology that goes far beyond nitric oxide. Compounds called Erythropoietin Stimulating Agents (ESAs) are being used by bodybuilding's elite to induce muscle pumps and muscle growth far beyond nitric oxide or anything else ever used. These controversial ESAs have been a closely guarded secret of the bodybuilding underground because they really cross the line and push physiological limits to the edge. DARK RAGE is the first legally available ESA that blows the cover on this closely guarded secret. Bodybuilders everywhere are reporting the most amazing pumps and gains in rock hard muscle ever.


New & Improved Post Workout Muscle Growth Accelerator * ABSORBS FASTER!
The best just got better! There are multiple aspects of post-workout nutrition that must be addressed after a high intensity training session for complete muscular and systemic recovery. With each workout, you are breaking down the muscle fibers within the muscle’s cells, leaving your body in an increased catabolic state. If you don’t provide your body with the proper nutrients and essential amino acids that it needs to recover, it will begin to feed on itself, thus negatively affecting your muscle growth. The faster you can get critical nutrients into your bloodstream and muscle, the better.

Sports nutrition experts and bodybuilders have long known that the most critical time to stimulate muscle growth is through nutritional interfusion post-workout. They refer to the 1-hour period immediately after training as the “Anabolic Window.” New and improved DARK MATTER provides you with the opportunity to improve the optimization this “window of muscle growth” by providing you with the proper nutrients to support anabolic growth and recovery. High-performance athletes and bodybuilders alike will benefit from the anabolic/anti-catabolic support benefits of DARK MATTER.*

Don’t waste another workout if you want to start gaining serious size and strength. New and improved DARK MATTER employs new technologies and compounds that allow for super-fast nutrient uptake and helps support a synergistic anabolic reaction during which insulin levels peak with amino acid, creatine and glycogen transport at the “Anabolic Axis.”* Chug down DARK MATTER immediately after every workout and introduce your muscles to a new frontier of hyper-growth and recovery support.

  • Hyper-Anabolic Post-Workout Muscle Growth Promoter
  • Fast Absorption
  • Stimulates Protein Synthesis
  • Significantly Spikes Insulin and Replenishes Glycogen
  • 10:1:1 BCAA Complex Triggers Protein Synthesis


See individual bottle for directions

see individual bottles for ingredients

Customer Reviews

  • Jorge
    results February 8, 2016

    I used rage and matter as a stack and separately. Definitely worked better as a stack but they get the job done separately too. Took dark rage with ON Gold standard protein and I saw good results. Took dark matter with no pre work out and kept getting stronger and leaner muscle. Good product. Just wish it would go in sale every once in a while.

  • Greg
    This stuff works. March 20, 2014

    Rating numbers are based on the taste and price. Price isn't terrible, but wish it was cheaper. Don't need a whole scoop and can make it last. Taste is a little harsh but I just fire it down real quick. Not into it for the flavor. Stuff is very effective though.

  • Donald
    Great stack February 27, 2014

    If you want noticable size and strength then this is the stack for you...

  • Jonathan
    great stuff December 5, 2013

    I just used this stack a few months ago. The Dark Rage made it possible for me to blow through my workout with no drop off in energy during or after. The Dark Matter was great for me not feeling sore or still the following day. I was at a plateau for a while and these two products made me break through that plateau. A little high in price but you get what you pay for, would recommend to everybody that wants to gain lean muscle and keep it on. Will be buying again.

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