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Creatine is perhaps the most widely used supplement available. It is natural and has been proven effective for gaining muscle, improving recovery and increasing strength. Creatine works by pulling water into the muscles, therefore increasing protein synthesis. While initial gains from using creatine may be mostly water weight, the ability to move more weight for more reps will build more muscle. Creatine is most beneficial for those doing high intensity training like lifting weights and those wanting to increase "short burst" strength like football and baseball players. See all of our creatines below or narrow your search. Creatine HCL is a new form of creatine which allows you to take less product while getting the same results as using creatine monohydrate. Krealkalyn is a pH buffered form of creatine that is utilized more efficiently by the body also allowing less product to give great results. See all sub-categories of creatine on the left column.