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Gainer Formulas




Gainer Formulas

Want to gain some MASS? These should help out even the hardest of hardgainers. When you want Quality calories, complete with good sources of carbohydrates, proteins and fats then a Gainer Powder is what you need. It can be hard to get in the calories needed for growth through food alone because to get quality calories you will be eating all day and will spend a fortune. Gainers dont replace food - they are a supplement to it. If you are just starting to take a Gainer Powder forget the serving size listed on the label. Start by using enough powder to take in an extra 500 calories per day divided into two shakes. Do this for the first week to allow your body to get used to the rise in calories. You can move up from there according to your needs. Some gainers contain creatine and some do not. Keep that in mind of you are planning to add creatine to your shake.

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