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100% Pure Active Dead Sea Minerals Salts Detox Fragrance Free

One with Nature
100% Pure Active Dead Sea Minerals Salts Detox Fragrance Free

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Balances moisture levels, Restores pH balance, Helps heal skin tissue.
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The Dead Sea: A Truly Unique Resource

The therapeutic powers of the Dead Sea have been acclaimed for thousands of years, and have been widely used to treat acne, psoriasis and other skin disorders, as well as being used in the skin care regiments since the time of Cleopatra. Located at the earth's lowest point of elevation, the Dead Sea has a greater solid content than any other body of water. The salts and muds found here are abundantly rich in sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium and bromine. The mineral salts from the Dead Sea are unique for their high proportion of potassium and magnesium ions and its relatively low sodium ion content. 

The healing minerals of the Dead Sea stimulate blood circulation and accelerate the natural exfoliation process, restoring the skin to its natural pH balance. The mineral-rich Dead Sea nourishes and revitalizes skin cells and has deep cleansing and purifying qualities, drawing toxins from the body.  

This combination contributes to the allure and mystique of the Dead Sea and its renowned therapeutic properties.

Why Dead Sea Mineral Salt? Most bath salts are primarily sodium chloride. Dead Sea Salts are a unique compound containing 21 different skin nourishing minerals such as: calcium, iodine, potassium, magnesium, zinc and bromide.

This 100% Pure Dead Sea mineral salt improves the appearance of skin by balancing and maintaining moisture levels, increasing elasticity, restoring pH balance, heightening circulation, and promoting the healing of skin tissue. Studies have also shown that Dead Sea minerals assist in the healing of Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis and other skin conditions. Fragrance free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are One With Nature products Gluten Free?
Yes! All of their products; Hand Wash, Body Wash, Lotion, Bath Salts and Bar soaps are Gluten Free. However, all of One With Nature soaps are made in the same plant and between batches, the area is thoroughly cleaned, but they cannot completely guarantee no cross-contamination. They recommend testing a small area of the body.

How do you create your fragrances that are All Natural?
The rich scents of One With Nature soaps come from pure essential oils or other 100% natural sources. One With Nature always seek to use distilled essential oils and, in some cases, they use blends of essential oils and natural fragrances to achieve richer and fuller aromas. In no case do they use perfumes or solvent extracted oils. For certain scents, such as coconut and apple, a distilled essential oil does not exist. To produce these scents, One With Nature has developed blends of naturally occurring plant scents that mimic the scent they are trying to achieve. Several of One With Nature products are fragrance free such as the Dead Sea Mud, Dead Sea Salt, and Olive Oil varieties.

How do One With Nature get their colors to be so vibrant while being All Natural?
The eye-catching colors of One With Nature result from a blend of plant and naturally-occurring mineral pigments. Many of these pigments are sourced locally in the diverse climate zones of Jordan. Examples include iron, magnesium, manganese, and apatite.

Do One With Nature products contain preservatives or stabilizers?
One With Nature do not use chemical compounds such as parabens, EDTA or BHT. Evidence of this can be seen in the very slight color variations between batches. They continuously innovate and improve their quality by using various blends of oils, anti-oxidants and citrus formulations to act as natural preservatives. One of these preservatives is phenoxyethanol (used in our liquid soap and lotion) can be derived from several different plant sources. Theirs is food grade and is derived from sage essential oil.

Can One With Nature products be used on any area of the body, including my face?
One With Nature products can be used from head-to-toe! They do recommend that you try a small area on your face to double check for any allergies that some people have to natural fragrances.

Do One With Nature test your products on animals?
They do not test on animals including raw ingredients and/or end products. One With Nature used to have “not tested on animals” on the label but they ran out of label space. One With Nature think “no animal testing” should be assumed with a natural product but it is always good to double check. 

What are the 21 minerals in One With Nature products?

Actually, there are more than 21 minerals when you consider trace elements, see below:


Pour salt into a warm tub. Let dissolve for 5 minutes then jump in, lay back and relax for 20-30 min. Feel re-energized as you gently rinse with warm water.

Dead Sea Mineral Salt (Maris Sal).

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