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Pro Tan

Pro Tan® has been the Number One selling Competition Tanning product in the World for over 30 years. Their products deliver the most reliable and natural looking tan for Bodybuilders, Fitness Athletes, Bikini Models and everyone in between. Originally started in 1985 with Original Muscle Up® Professional Posing Oil for men and women and a few skin care products for body builder athletes, everything changed in 1987 with the invention of Pro Tan® Instant Competition Color. Since that time, Pro Tan® has participated in over 10,000 bodybuilding shows; thus, becoming the most trusted competition color and the Preferred Brand of NPC. Every Pro Tan® formula is a living and growing embodiment of the Pro Tan’s Philosophy: to work with athletic physiques in their finest state, to treat the skin as a soft canvas, to tone and tan the skin to reflect the individual and reveal their true definition without compromise. To realize this philosophy, Pro Tan® believes that utilizing the latest in skin care ingredients and tanning technology at optimum levels is required to deliver perfect looking skin tone and color.

Pro Tan Muscle Juice

Muscle Juice

MSRP: $12.00 Save up to 38% off MSRP $7.49
Pro Tan Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff

MSRP: $17.96 Save up to 39% off MSRP $10.99