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*Thunder & Lightning Stack

Purus Labs
*Thunder & Lightning Stack

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Stack includes 40 serving CONDENSE & 30 serving d-POL Powder


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Size : 2pc Stack
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Condense™ is a novel approach to preworkout performance-enhancement designed to expand performance capacity, utilizing patent-pending nutrient technology and peer-reviewed, human- validated, orally efficacious dosages, rather than merely and temporarily increase acute performance as with most short-sighted, stimulant-laden products currently on the market. Purus Labs® has revolutionized the preworkout category, once again, by actually achieving what other companies only claim: that is, eliciting extreme vasodilation through truly enhancing endogenous nitric oxide production. This, in turn, causes a cascade of welcomed anabolic and physiologically enhancing benefits to athletes of all cloth through enhancing blood-flow, heightening substrate utilization (i.e. better nutrient absorption), preserving ATP stores, propelling oxygen delivery to myocapillaries, and reducing overall exercise oxygen cost allowing you to handle greater workloads (e.g. more weight) and exercise longer before exhaustion (e.g. more reps) . 

D-pol™ is a new product designed by PURUS LABS®, which adheres to the established guidelines of PURUS LABS® in terms of including only those ingredients that have been used in human subjects via oral ingestion, and reported to promote favorable outcomes in relation to the target areas of interest (e.g., enhanced exercise performance, increased circulating testosterone—potentially leading to increased lean body mass, enhanced overall health). d-pol™ contains a unique blend of ingredients, each carefully selected for their potential impact on physical performance and human health—included at the precise dosage necessary to promote the desired effect (as supported by peer reviewed scientific evidence obtained from studies using human subjects).

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Customer Reviews

  • John
    Great Stack June 28, 2017

    The combination of the condense and d-pol product was great. I wasn't sure I would enjoy this stack.

    The dpol kicked in after about the 4th or 5th use, the condense was a good energy boost without jitters - but did have good focus.

    I would order this again as a good stack to get back into the mix in the gym - and also to pick up on a nice stack at the intermediate level as well.

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