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Gluten Free Bar with High Quality Whey & No Added Sugar Or Sugar Alcohols!
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Size :1 - 60g bar
Servings :1
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Many customers buy Quest Protein Bars simply because of the great taste. Quest Nutrition worked very hard with thousands of taste testings to make sure of that. But what really separates Quest from all the rest is its nutrition. No other nutrition company has been able to do what they have done - produce gluten free, very low carb protein bars with high protein, high fiber and no trans fats.  With one of the best nutritional profiles of any protein bar on the market Quest Bars have 20g of milk protein isolate & whey protein isolate, 2-7g Active Carbs, tons of fiber, no sugar added and no junk. Most importantly they taste great! There's a reason that people can't stop talking about Quest. It's time for you to taste them for yourself!

It's the first bar that even pre-competition bodybuilders and fitness competitors use during preparation for their contests, allowing them to lose fat and/or build muscle while still eating food that they enjoy.

You'll notice immediately just how short the Quest Bars ingredient lists are. And you'll understand them!

Quest Nutrition is excited to announce the next step in the evolution of Quest Bars! Just like S’mores and Mint Chocolate Chunk, all 18 flavors will now be made with soluble corn fiber. This ingredient upgrade means all Quest Bars will stay softer longer and withstand heat better (and they bake unbelievably well). It’s the best bar experience yet!

Quest Nutrition actually believes that you are what you eat. That’s why Quest—from the beginning—has always invested in cutting-edge ingredients to create products with clean nutritional profiles that taste like you’re eating something unhealthy. They like to eat. And they want it to be fun! Cheat meals without the cheating.

To accomplish this, Quest makes sure to use the highest quality ingredients available.

Sugar, for instance, doesn’t even exist at our facility! The only sugar in Quest bars comes from things like the nuts and freeze-dried fruit. Every sweet, mouthwatering bite of a Quest Bar is the result of painstaking trial and error to discover the most insanely delicious ingredients that promote a clean lifestyle.

They even manufacture the inclusions that they put in Quest bars. The chocolate crumbles in Cookies & Cream and the white chocolate chunks in the White Chocolate Raspberry… those are made from scratch. It’s the only way to get the perfect taste and nutritional profile you come to expect from Quest.

Quest recognized a need to break the nutritional rut of the food industry with sweet innovation by applying up-to-date nutrition science to novel ingredients.

As science brings us new answers, you can count on Quest to react accordingly – and still create the most exhilarating, mind-blowing food products that make clean eating fun again.

Control Your Carbs to Reach Your Goals

Q: Why do your bars have so few carbs?
A: As most people know, if you want to stay healthy, lose fat or build LEAN, low-fat muscle, you must control your carb intake. That's why Quest worked so hard to create bars with so few grams of active carbohydrates (almost all of Quest Bar's carbs come from inert fiber which helps keep you full but doesn't skyrocket your insulin levels.)

Q: If low carb food is the key to my success, why do other nutrition bars have so many carbs or fillers?
A: Because until now, there was no other way to make a bar that tasted good and didn't rot on the shelf. Quest had to create a process so unique that they protected it by filing a patent. That's why you won't see any other bars like Quest on the market - Quest is the first truly low carb bar with no simple carbs. A perfect meal in your pocket!

Let's Be Honest
If you could eat candy all day and get lean, you probably would. Most likely, you're just like the people at team Quest; you want to feel good and look great! You work hard so the last thing you want to do is throw that away by eating other nutrition bars or meal replacement bars that are thinly disguised candy.

After years of development, Quest has been able to produce one of the world's first truly low-carb protein bars that uses only high-quality ingredients. It's real, simple food.

Other Bars are Thinly Disguised candy bars in Colorful Wrappers!

DON'T THROW AWAY YOUR HARD WORK BY EATING OTHER NUTRITION BARS.  Quest's mission is to give you the foods you need to achieve your goals. It's the perfect nutrition bar for anyone looking to get top quality protein while dropping some carbs from their diet. They're as delicious and convenient as a candy bar, while maintaining all of the nutrition of a carefully prepared meal that's packed with fiber to make you feel full and to help with digestion and weight loss.

Peel back the wrapper and enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

  • Juanito
    PUMPKIN - It's ok... October 23, 2015

    Just got the limited edition pumpkin... As usual, taste is good. First time there's a crunch coating on a Quest bar too... Too bad it's really high in fat (12F). Stick to the other bars for a better macro profile.

  • Juanito
    Best bang for your buck October 1, 2015

    Best macro friendly protein bar out there that tastes good. The texture is awesome and very palette friendly. Don't hesitate purchasing this flavor.

  • Timothy
    great product April 14, 2015

    Fills in for the meals I cant eat everyday

  • trench

    All the ones I've tried taste great. Not chalky, and good profile.

  • Lynn
    Very tasty March 25, 2015

    Excellent flavor.

  • Antonio
    Flawless July 21, 2014

    I can't get enough of these. And the clean profile leaves me feeling guilt free!

  • Antonio
    Fantastic! July 21, 2014

    Clean and super tasty! They have fast become a habit for me!

  • Antonio
    The last protein bar you'll need to try July 21, 2014

    Super clean and super tasty. What more could you want?

  • Antonio
    Best Protein Bars Hands Down July 21, 2014

    Love the Quest Bar profile. Low carbs, low sugar, high fiber and high protein. And the I have to convince myself I'm not eating a candy bar every time! Double chocolate chunk and cookie dough are my aboslute favorites!

  • Rick
    All time fave!!! April 9, 2014

    These are my favorite protein bars. I know consuming your protein by bars is not very cost effective but when you are on the go or for your in-between feeding(s) these little bars hit the spot! I have been ordering these for almost a year now and I still am not tired of them. If you like PB&J (and who doesn’t) you will like them too.

  • john
    excellent with little room to improve. March 24, 2014

    very very tasty. Love the texture. I can't stop eating these bars.

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