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November 06, 2018

Meagan Galloway, SFC

Meagan Galloway

My name is Sergant First Class, Meagan Galloway, and I serve in the United States Army. I decided to join the military because I've always wanted to become a Soldier and be of service to my country. I have been deployed once to Pakistan (2002), and twice to Iraq (2003 and 2006), and serving next to my brothers and sisters in arms-- being in harms way, really made me realize the comradery we shared amongst each other. That will always stick out in my mind. Another profound moment for me was becoming one of the first female senior ranking leaders to serve and lead a chemical operations detachment in a special forces/operations unit. Something that always kept me going was Fitness. Fitness was imperative as a Soldier-- in fact, it was the very first thing we did every single day! Fitness determined your success and would even aide while saving lives. As a soldier, you have to be fit and capable of performing very physically demanding jobs like carrying heavy loads of equipment while moving fast and efficiently. Not being able to do so put others lives in danger, including your own. Today, I still keep physically active because it has been a part of my life for so long, it benefits my health and keeps my morale high.